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Crossbell Times - Issue 1

[Breaking Story] Fifth Stage of Urban Dev. Plan

City Hall

The state government announced the next stage of Crossbell City's urban development plan in yesterday's urban planning meeting. This fifth stage consists of legislation to expand the maintenance of the Geofront, deregulate office construction, encourage orbal car usage, and much more. It seeks to address the needs of the city as its population and economy continue to boom.

The development plan was launched 20 years ago and has now entered its fifth stage. This announcement pairs with a positive forecast of the economy for the next 10 years. Favorable comments can already be heard. 'I'm glad, frankly,' says a woman running a street stall. 'High growth will bring stability even to neighboring countries,' says an international economist.

These predictions of the city's economic future will be crucial to foreign relations.

[Society] Acclaimed Arios MacLaine Arrives Again
Crossbell Times Insert 9000 - Arios and Kids.png

Yesterday, two boys from the city got lost in the Geofront. They were saved by Arios MacLaine, an A-rank bracer associated with the guild branch in Crossbell. The situation was resolved without incident.

After following leads from citizens, MacLaine swooped in to the scene and saved the boys. They were within a hair's breadth of being killed by monsters in a deep part of the Geofront. This feat truly fits his moniker, the Divine Blade of Wind.

◆Questioning the Careless Management◆

After 20 years, the urban development plan has begun its fifth stage. It has seen brilliant results year after year. However, the Downtown District has not seen nearly enough of this work. With recent incidents in the area, insufficient safety measures for children who may wander in, and unchecked monsters infesting buildings, the inefficiencies of the urban management in this district should be apparent. We request a speedy response to this issue from the government.

◆Unexpected Guests Appear◆

First mission a failure?

In other news, some unexpected faces have appeared during the recent incident. New to the CPD this year is the Special Support Section. They came in to save the two children on their own. MacLaine says they were unsuccessful in their first mission because they didn't follow through to the end. This division was supposedly established to court public favor. How will they fare in the future?

[Leisure] Crossbell's Gourmet Experience

Visit Long Lao Tavern & Inn by the market on East Street. Savor authentic food made faithfully by the owner, hailing from the Eastern Quarter in the Republic. Have some Long Lao Tanmen!

[Society] Grimwood Law Office for Legal Advice

Ian Grimwood, who has a law firm on West Street, is said to handle everything from debt consultations to corporate legal advice. Do keep the name Grizzly Grim in mind if you ever find yourself in legal trouble.







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西通りに法律事務所を構えるイアン弁護士は、債務整理から企業向けの相談まで一手に引き受けている噂の人物。『熊ヒゲ先生』という名を耳にした方も多いのでは? 困ったことが起きた時のため、その名前を覚えておきたい。