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Crossbell Times - Issue 2

[Featured Story] Guardian Force Public Drills

◆CGF Shows Its Might◆

CGF Driving Exercises

Knox Forest, due west of Crossbell City, was the site of the CGF's recent training drills. We were on the scene to report:

Drills began at 10 AM and were very intense. They practiced vehicular combat, stun halberd combat, hand-to-hand combat, and more. 'Exercises like these are held regularly to sustain these important skills,' stated the leading sergeant major.

◆New Equipment Rumored?◆

We had the opportunity to interview Deputy Commander Baelz after the drills. We asked about the new model of armored vehicle that has been rumored to be in development since last year.

The deputy commander tells us that the new model is a ways off. Presently, they are in the fine-tuning stage, and it will be deployed once complete. Logistical issues such as negotiation with the neighboring powers about specifications has been 'thoroughly taken care of.' As it stands, their firepower is comparable to an average tank. Accurate data and deployment numbers will be disclosed to the superpowers as required.

'For the sake of stability, the CGF will not neglect the borders of Crossbell,' commented the deputy commander, faithfully answering every difficult question.

[Society] A Respite in the Downtown District

There are signs the gangs downtown have ceased fighting temporarily. The noisy confrontations, which used to be a daily occurrence, have been replaced by silence. Most citizens breathe sighs of relief. On the contrary, a 24-year-old man living on East Street voiced his fears, 'As long as delinquents are there, the fights will return! I wish someone would do something about them.'

◆Incident Leaves Behind Mystery◆

Gangs face off

A confrontation occurred due to a surprise attack on their comrades. However, many things are yet unexplained about the dispute. Before a clash, rumor has it that the CPD's Special Support Section had a hand in resolving the dispute. However, further investigation suggests that they may have been more lucky than skilled. I expect bracers to intervene next time.

[Technology] A New Tactical Orbment

Crossbell Times Insert 9004 - Enigma Orbments.png

The Epstein Foundation has developed a new tactical orbment, and it is now available on the market. We finally enter the fifth generation. 'The greatest part of the Enigma is the introduction of the orbal communication circuit,' said Mr. Roberts of the foundation. This newly-developed micro-quartz allowed for the creation of a small portable communication device. He continued that this innovative technology in the Enigma can exchange information instantly, regardless of location.

At present, the communication function can only be used in the vicinity of a dedicated orbal wave relay (such as within Crossbell State). New relays are expected to be erected for organizations such as the Bracer Guild and government agencies.

[Culture] Arc en Ciel's Upcoming Performance

The famous troupe is going to be announcing their highly-anticipated next performance soon. Tickets will be available for sale next month. Many fans from inside and outside the state have been eagerly awaiting their next show and will flood in to watch. You don't want to miss it!

[Finance] IBC's New Service

The International Bank of Crossbell, the largest financial institution on the continent, will be starting a new service in a few days for members to exchange sepith at a better rate than other shops. The starting date will be announced soon.

[Leisure] Crossbell's Gourmet Experience

Come by the Armorica Village's Ash Tree Inn. Indulge in the amazing tastes of their omurice made by the friendly owner from the countryside. Made from the plentiful ingredients freshly grown in the village, this is to die for. Catch the next orbal bus if you're in the mood for a picnic.










難しい質問にも的確に答えてくれた副司令。最後に 「クロスベル警備隊は、周辺地域の安定のため今後も 尽力を怠りません」とのコメントを頂いた。


旧市街で抗争を続けていた不良少年グループのにら み合いが一段落した模様。以前は連日響いていた怒声 もパタリと止んだという。付近の住民が安堵のため息 をつく一方、「不良たちが存在する限り抗争は続く。何とかして欲しい」(東通りに住む24歳の男性)などの意見も聞かれる。





Crossbell Times Insert 9004 - Enigma Orbments.png