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Crossbell Times - Issue 3

[Featured Story] Anniversary Festival Draws Near

Next month, Crossbell State will be celebrating its 70th anniversary. Enthusiasm for this auspicious day has been steadily mounting.

◆Schedule Announcement◆

This being the 70th anniversary, the state government plans to put extra effort into this year's celebration. This is backed up by the festival schedule they revealed today. 'The parade will be very large this year, and the requirements on having food stalls will be greatly relaxed,' states a public relations official.

Many gatherings and celebrations are planned to coincide with the festival. Mayor MacDowell will be booked to attend many such events.

◆City Preparations Begin◆

Preparations are starting in earnest throughout the city. Many shops are already decorating. People seeing these decorations are voicing their anticipation, 'I can't wait another month!' The owner of a popular restaurant in Central Square was busy selecting souvenirs to offer during the festival, 'It's a special year, after all!' The festival is a month away. Everyone ready?

◆Arc en Ciel's Upcoming Performance◆

Arc en Ciel's theater

Also debuting next month, Arc en Ciel's next performance, titled 'Golden Sun, Silver Moon,' will open on the first day of the Anniversary Festival. Fans flooded in from all around the moment tickets went on sale. Tickets were sold out in the span of an hour.

The new piece, Golden Sun, Silver Moon, is based on a famous classical drama. How will the world-famous Arc en Ciel with its phenomenal artists capture and accurately retell this story? We will follow up on the play in a future issue.

[Society] Great Results from Our New Star Bracers

The Bracer Guild's Estelle Bright (18) and Joshua Bright (18) recently took posts at the Crossbell City guild branch. They have already stolen the citizens' hearts by solving over fifty cases, even though they are the youngest bracers at the branch. Even during the Liberl incident last year, they were regarded as exceptional leaders in that case. There's no mistaking it. They possess ace-class skills. 'Please look forward to their future success,' says a representative of the branch.

[Society] Aftermath of the Wolf Monster Incidents

In the aftermath of the monster attacks that have occurred in the outskirts of Crossbell, the city government has decided to compensate the victims. Following the investigations performed by the Guardian Force and a division of the police, it was learned that they were human-initiated, and resulted in chaos and destruction in the affected areas. The city was slow to reach a decision on where the reparation money would come from. And what of the local situations? 'I'm just happy that I can get back to work,' said a miner that was injured.

Furthermore, two suspects that were accused of using the monsters to blackmail, cause injuries, and damage property among other things were discharged early yesterday morning.

[Society] Favorite of West Street: Police Dog Zeit

Zeit, sleeping

After saving a boy from an imminent car accident on West Street, Zeit has become highly popular with the local children. He can often be found playing with them. Please pay him a visit if you are a dog lover!

[Intl.] Imperial Family Attends Award Ceremony

The Erebonian Empire held an award ceremony, presided over by His Highness Prince Olivert in lieu of His Majesty Emperor Eugent. Chancellor Osborne awarded medals to seven individuals, including soldiers and influential people.

[Leisure] Come, Future Divine Anglers!

A group of fishing enthusiasts have set up a branch of the Fisherman's Guild on East Street. They are always looking for new members to enjoy the sport with in Crossbell's fresh waters. They plan to hold a fishing tournament during the Anniversary Festival. For those who are interested, why not come participate?

















先月、狼型魔獣が市外各地を襲撃した事について、市政府は補償金の支払いを決定したという。警備隊と一部の警察関係者の調査により人為的と分かった今回の事件だが、被害地域にとって突然の暴力であった事は事実との見解。会見では、決定が遅い、補償金の出所が不透明などの非難もあったが、肝心の地元の反応は…? 「町はもうすっかり元通り。また仕事に励めるのが嬉しい」(怪我を負った鉱員の男性)