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Crossbell Times - Issue 4

[Featured Story] Anniversary Festival Commences!

◆The Mayoral Opening Address◆

Mayor's opening address

At long last, the Anniversary Festival is here. The opening ceremony was held at City Hall and was attended by many domestic and foreign dignitaries. Citizens applauded as Mayor MacDowell gave an opening speech, and in the plaza in front of City Hall, citizens cheered as balloons were released. This year marks the 70th anniversary since the founding of Crossbell State. We would like all of our dear readers to enjoy the festivities.

◆The Bustling City◆
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From the start of the festival, many tourists converged from the neighboring Empire and Republic. Even tourists from Liberl and other countries came, filling a vibrant city. There are more stalls than usual this year, increasing foot traffic even more. There was even a mini-concert held in the Harbor District park. Citizens were fired up to watch this sudden event organized by the Business Owner's Association.

Festival attendance is said to be 'more than double that of an average year,' stated an economist. Along with the excitement of the 70th anniversary, the popularization of orbal vehicles and the continuing impact of the Non-Aggression Pact are having positive effects on Crossbell.

◆Full Houses at Arc en Ciel◆

Performances of Arc en Ciel's new piece, 'Golden Sun, Silver Moon,' are continuing. As they continue to perfect it since the private performance one month ago, it is shaping up to be their most successful yet. Those lucky enough to have tickets cannot hide their excitement.

With the success of both the festival and Arc en Ciel, the Entertainment District is simply packed with tourists. Mr. Drake, owner of the casino near the theater, delightedly said, 'We're swarmed with customers.'

[Society] Bridge Repaired on Old Road

The stone bridge off the side of Old Armorica Road has been repaired and is being inspected one last time. It will be opened by the midpoint of the Anniversary Festival. But be warned, the areas beyond it are inhabited by dangerous monsters, so we advise that you don't travel by foot.

[Culture] Orbal Network Testing

Hotel Millennium in the Entertainment District began accepting reservations among other things over the orbal network. Because the general public is not yet used to this new technology, tests such as this one have been kept private.

[Leisure] Let's Get Checkups

At St. Ursula Hospital, equipped with the latest medical technology, there has been a surprise influx of tourists. Lately, many people have requested 'full medical checkups,' when it is not clear they needed one. A receptionist said, 'I wonder if they came just for fun.' It seems there will be many long days for the medical staff.







Crossbell Times Insert 9011 - Central Square.png