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Crossbell Times - Issue 5

[Featured Story] A Look Back at the Festival


Today is the final day of the Anniversary Festival. In this feature, we will review the highlights of the festival, starting from the first day.

◆Day 1: Arc en Ciel's Latest Performance◆

Arc en Ciel's performance was unforgettable. It is an experience that will be forever burned into your memories, after just one viewing. There are concerning rumors that people in the show business have come from foreign countries to negotiate with Arc en Ciel. We will keep you apprised of any future developments.

◆Day 2: Heated Battle Downtown!◆

Heated battle!

For some reason, the delinquents in the Downtown District and the bracers, joined by the police's Special Support Section, held a kind of battle-race. Two-person teams ran around downtown and clashed violently at exciting points, capturing the attention of passersby. And would you believe the winner was the Special Support Section? If you put aside the noise complaints from other citizens, the outcome was good because the onlookers and participants enjoyed it, right?

◆Day 3: International Symposium◆

A symposium took place in the reception hall in City Hall. Many opinions were heard on the topic of 'Crossbell's Present and Future,' including 'the need to strengthen trade further,' and 'the reformation of state laws.'

◆Day 4: The Parade◆

Mishy brings up the rear

The customary annual parade was powered up this year. Mishelam's popular mascot character, Mishy, even made an appearance. Excitement was through the roof.

◆And Now, the Final Day◆

And now, today is the final day of the festival. Many people have particular plans specific to this day to cap off the festival. Perhaps you will spend the night at Mishelam. Maybe you'll pass the time solemnly at the Mass in the Crossbell Cathedral. Or, perhaps, you'll even attend the closing ceremony at City Hall. The annual Anniversary Festival is something citizens and tourists alike should experience without any regrets.

[Leisure] Visit the Mishelam Resort!

Mishelam, famous as a tourism destination, began two years ago as a theme park project funded by the IBC. Mishy, the mascot, is becoming wildly popular. It appears the number of people visiting Mishelam on the final day has increased, year after year. The use of the cruise ship is free, courtesy of the IBC. Now is a good chance to visit for yourself!









2日目、旧市街で唐突に始まったチェイスバトル。なぜか旧市街の不良たち、遊撃士2名に警察の特務支援課が加わりレース形式のバトルを開始。通りがかった観客たちを沸かせた。2人1組のチームが旧市街中を縦横無尽に駆けめぐり、激しくぶつかる姿は興奮の一言。そしてハプニング続きのレースを制したのは、まさかの警察・特務支援課!? 騒音が迷惑などの意見も寄せられたが、大いに楽しんだ方もおられたのではないだろうか。