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Crossbell Times - Issue 6

[Breaking Story] IBC Announces Interim Financials

IBC headquarters

The International Bank of Crossbell revealed its interim financial report and its forecast for the rest of the fiscal year.

After six months, the IBC has already reached its performance target for the year, making it the richest on the continent in total asset value for eleven years running. We interviewed Director Mariabell. She told us that the IBC will be turning its attention toward resort management and conducting orbal network research over the next two years.

Following the announcement, stocks became more turbulent. 'I'm worried about future business developments,' said a local investor. 'Stock prices are still shifting. I couldn't take my eyes off of them in the last few days,' said a major securities trader. Inquiries from foreign businesses are flooding in, and it seems this will continue for a while.

[Politics] Budget Deliberation Draws Near

The diet will soon hold a committee to deliberate on financial allocations in Crossbell. The focus this fiscal year will be funding for public projects associated with the fifth stage of the urban development plan, and the construction of the new unnamed City Hall building, which was previously delayed. Being directly tied to the quality of public services, this session cannot be ignored by the citizens. How will it unfold?

[Society] A Disturbance at Mishelam?

There were reports of multiple men going wild on the streets of Mishelam Resort on the final day of the Anniversary Festival. According to reports, some visitors suffered minor injuries after being chased by several large dogs. The police stated that 'it's under investigation,' but it's already been one week since the incidents without progress.

[Intl.] Seek Respite at Imperial Capital's Hotels

The operator of many top hotels has recently opened an exclusive nightclub in an affluent district of the Imperial capital, Neue Blanc. 'We would love for all of you to come and visit,' said a representative of Crimson & Co., behind the project. It is a hot call for Crossbell investors.

[Notice] Crossbell State Tourism Guide Incoming!

This very news service will be publishing a tourism guide detailing many famous sites and locations throughout Crossbell to thoroughly convey the charm of the state. When will it be published? That will be revealed in a future issue.






この発表を受け、各種銘柄も変動した模様だ。「今後の事業展開が気になる」(市内在住の投資家)「株価はまだ動く。ここ数日は目が離せない」(大手証券ディーラー) 各国企業からの問い合わせも相次いでおり、しばらくは反響が続きそうだ。








当クロスベル通信社から観光客に向けたガイドブックが発売されることになった。多くの観光名所を掲載し、自治州内の魅力を余すことなくお伝えしていく。気になる発売日は? ……続報は本誌、クロスベルタイムズにて徐々に紹介予定だ。