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Crossbell Times - Issue 7

[Featured Story] Budget Committee & Mayoral Elections

◆Imperial Faction, Republican Faction, and Mayor◆

Speaker Hartmann heading to City Hall

Even after the diet's initial session for determining budget allocations was postponed, the current session already shows signs of being a drawn-out affair.

Today in the assembly, Speaker Hartmann, leader of the Imperial Faction, was debating intensely his rivals, the Republican Faction. The hall quickly turned into a whirlwind of dirty jeers. Mayor MacDowell struggled to keep order. In the end, only a meager three paragraphs of legislation were approved.

◆About the Upcoming Mayoral Election◆

Incumbent mayor

Mayor MacDowell's term will be up in four months' time. That means the next mayoral election is approaching. Yesterday, MacDowell, who previously declared he would retire after the current term, made another announcement, 'I can't leave the government in its current state.' Speaker Hartmann is rumored to have plans to run for the office, after having already secured his next term as speaker. If elected, a politician from his Imperial Faction would likely take his seat as speaker. Representative Campbell of the Republican Faction is wary of this, and he's using his connections to try to establish a third-party candidate.

◆How Will It Turn Out?◆

We asked a businessman about the upcoming election. It was none other than Chairman Mors of the Business Owner's Association (response below):

'The focus of the election will be on how trustworthy the candidates are. The citizens are unhappy about the political chaos. They will want to lend their support to a candidate who can both reform the government and improve the state.'

[Finance] Economy Is Booming

Due to a strong Anniversary Festival, businesses in the city benefited royally. After the IBC released its interim report, there are signs that those affiliated with the IBC's ventures will see even more growth. Construction-related companies are playing it safe due to the budget committee's status, but it seems that investors are interested after seeing next year's economic forecast.

[Society] Powerful Monsters Appear?

We have received reports that never-before-seen monsters have been spotted on the highways near Crossbell. Citizens and tourists walking the roads have already suffered injuries, and the Bracer Guild is imploring people to exercise caution.

[Leisure] Crossbell's Gourmet Experience

Morges Bakery on West Street is known for its freshly-baked bread. This store even offers a new special bread every month. With my mouth stuffed, I can only utter 'Superb!' Mr. Oscar, only 18 years old, bakes these specialties. Why not go check out this young prodigious patissier's bread?