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Crossbell Times - Issue 8

[Society] Raid on the Heiyue Trading Company!

◆Gunshots Heard Late Last Night◆

Raided trading company

Heiyue Trading, Ltd., a company with its office in the Harbor District, was raided suddenly late last night.

Anxiety is spreading among residents in the neighborhood of the attack. Based on the appearance of the damage, it can be inferred that heavy weaponry was used in the raid. A Crossbell police investigation is underway.

◆What Is Heiyue Trading, Ltd.?◆

Heiyue is a trading company headquartered in the Eastern Quarter of the Republic. Ten months ago, a branch was established here in the Harbor District of Crossbell City, and it appears they conduct various commercial transactions under the audit of lawyers.

◆Why Were They Raided?◆

Mr. Lee, the branch manager

The question remains: why was a company such as this raided, let alone with heavy weapons? According to Branch Manager Cao Lee, 'I don't have any idea [about the reason for the raid]. However, because I manage a trading company, we have many rivals. There is the possibility that among them, someone chose to express their unjustified resentment,' he said. 'I am terribly sorry to have caused this neighborhood such great concern and trouble.' He then bowed deeply.

◆Tension Remains◆

Even a day after the incident, a sense of tension hangs in the air. The truth of the incident should be unearthed by the police soon.

[Breaking Story] Budget Committee Conclusion!

The prolonged session on the budget finally concluded this afternoon. Mayor MacDowell and Speaker Hartmann had an intense back-and-forth regarding the ideal municipal budget, but with a compromise the mayor proposed, an agreement was narrowly reached. The finalized budget will be released at a later date.

[Society] Airport Mysteriously Closed!

Crossbell Times Insert 9021 - Airport Inspection.png

Since early this morning, Crossbell Airport has been closed. Crossbell police blockaded the area, explaining that they were undergoing an 'extraordinary inspection.' With regular airport operation temporarily stopped, a lot of chaos and confusion could be seen.

[Society] Mysterious Disappearances?

We have received a number of reports of missing persons in Crossbell City. Since it is not clear what is rumor and what is fact, we are conducting an independent investigation. We will follow up in a future issue with what we are able to learn.











そんな会社がなぜ、重火器まで用いた襲撃を受けたのだろうか? 支社長であるツァオ・リー氏によれば、「(襲撃の理由は)全く身に覚えがありません。ただ、貿易会社として経営を続ける上で競争相手は多く、その中のどなたかが何らかの逆恨みで仕掛けた可能性はあるかもしれません」とのこと。そして「近隣の方に大きな心配とご迷惑をおかけしてしまい申し訳ありません」と深々と頭を下げた。






Crossbell Times Insert 9021 - Airport Inspection.png