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Crossbell Times - Special Edition

[Extra] A Glamorous Stage and the Intrigue Behind It

◆A Preview of 'Golden Sun, Silver Moon'◆

Act 1 of the brilliant private performance

The anticipated new stage show from Arc en Ciel has had its private performance. Ilya Platiere captivated the audience from the moment the curtain rose with an acrobatic performance. Act 2 followed with the appearance of a hopeful new face, Rixia Mao, who stunned the audience with a different mystique and expressive dancing. Together with the atmosphere that Ilya generated, the audience was delighted. I got the feeling I was witnessing the rebirth of the Arc en Ciel. I look forward to the public opening.

◆The Mayoral Assassin's Dagger◆

While the drama was unfolding on stage, a more real one unfolded behind the scenes, as the police discovered and halted an attempted assassination on Mayor Henry MacDowell in the balcony during the private performance. An official statement has been issued regarding the incident.

The suspect, Reis

The official word is that the suspect, Mr. Ernest Reis (29), MacDowell's former top aide, arrived with the mayor to watch the performance. He smuggled a dagger and gun past security officials and attempted to use them to assassinate the mayor.

◆What Motivations Did He Have?◆

Mr. Reis served as the mayor's top aide for many years and was known for his honest personality. Why did he commit this crime?

In gathering evidence, we discovered that he also illegally misappropriated mayoral funds and had connections with specific representatives. Additional evidence suggests he planned to run for the next mayoral election, and it is speculated he committed the crime to try to obtain the political position himself. However, the police have taken over the investigation, and so the true reasons will likely not become public.

◆Behind the Suspect's Arrest◆

The moment of arrest!

The Crossbell police became aware of the plot in advance of the attempted assassination and deployed a security team inside the theater. The team was fooled by the suspect's clever diversion. However, the newly-commissioned Special Support Section conducted its own independent investigation and were able to thwart Mr. Reis' plot and save the mayor. A detective from the First Investigative Division said, 'No comment. I cannot divulge more than what has been disclosed publicly.'

◆Mayoral Vacation◆

After the incident, Mayor MacDowell decided to take a vacation. 'Even though he wasn't permanently injured, the stress on his mind and body was immense, so he made this decision in consideration of his old age,' stated a public relations officer. We are glad the mayor is safe and sound, but it is so far undecided how long the break will be. The Anniversary Festival is approaching, and all of us at the newspaper pray for his quick return to duty.



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