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Crow Armbrust (クロウ・アームブラスト) is introduced as a student at Thors Military Academy's Class V and a member of the ARCUS test team alongside Towa Herschel, George Nome and Angelica Rogner.


Despite being a laid-back playboy who frequently missed lessons, Crow was highly dependable and cared greatly for his friends. Towards the end of his second year, circumstances led to him becoming a member of Class VII, wherein he developed a close bond in particular with Rean Schwarzer.

In reality, Crow's time as a student was a cover for his true identity: leader and founder of the Imperial Liberation Front, which he led while working under the alias of C (シー). Crow was also the Azure Chevalier (蒼の騎士) as he was the Awakener for Ordine, the Azure Divine Knight. He directly instigated the Erebonian civil war by shooting Giliath Osborne in the heart, at which point he abandoned Class VII. At the end of the war, Crow lost his life fighting alongside Rean to prevent a calamity being caused by the Vermillion Divine Knight.

Two years later, Crow, due to him being an Awakaner, was revived. At first, he assumed the identity of Azure Siegfried, a masked agent of the Gnomes who bore Crow's appearance and personality but lacked his memories. Once the Twilight broke out, Crow's memories returned. After losing the first Rivalry between Awakaners to Rean, Crow joined Class VII's side once again and the two proceeded to save Zemuria from the Twilight.


Crow was born in Jurai City, S.1185. He lost his parents at a young age and was raised by his grandfather, the mayor of Jurai.

After the merging of Jurai as a Special Economic Zone with Erebonia in S.1196 and the death of his grandfather shortly thereafter, the 13-year-old Crow left Jurai to wander through Erebonia.

Imperial Liberation Front

Eventually, he met Duke Cayenne, who shared Crow's hatred for Chancellor Giliath Osborne and financially supported him to establish the Imperial Liberation Front. He recruited like-minded members, such as Michael Gideon, Scarlet, and Vulcan.

Crow came into contact with Vita Clotilde through her frequent visits to Duke Cayenne. In S.1201, at the age of sixteen, Crow was guided by Vita to an underground place below Ordis, the provincial capital of the Lamarre Province. There, he overcame trials to find Ordine, the Azure Knight resting at the end. Crow became its Awakener.

Thors Military Academy

In preparation for the assassination of Chancellor Osborne, he enrolled at Thors Military Academy. Along with Towa Herschel, George Nome and Angelica Rogner, Crow tested the ARCUS prototypes for Class VII in the following year.

As a renowned slacker, he missed too many classes and risked the chance of getting suspended. Thanks to Instructor Sara Valestein, he was given a second chance to graduate and transferred to Class VII during the summer of S.1204. During these months, he juggled between his roles as a member of Class VII and Comrade C, the leader of the Imperial Liberation Front.

Erebonian Civil War

After faking his own death as Comrade C in Roer during Class VII's field study, he traveled to Heimdallr during Chancellor Osborne's national address on October 30. From an enormous distance, Crow pierced the left side of Chancellor Osborne's chest using a sniper rifle developed by the Reinford Group's 5th Division. With the chaos it spawned, Crow's shot marked the beginning of the Erebonian Civil War

With his work in Heimdallr completed, Crow traveled to Trista in Ordine to back up the Noble Alliance's Panzer Soldats. There he came to face Rean Schwarzer, Awakener of Valimar, the Ashen Knight. Crow's three years of experience piloting Ordine allowed him to completely overwhelm Rean, who was forced to withdraw.

After the apparent death of Osborne, he chose to let his classmates in Class VII live instead of depriving them of their lives. He anonymously informed Toval about the location of Rean's coma. Later on, Crow and his comrades invaded Ymir, where Class VII secretly stayed. He fought Rean again piloting their respective Deus Excellion and was again victorious. He lastly escorted Rean to Pantagruel under the supreme leader's order.

When Rean was "invited" to the Pantagruel, he responded to Rean's request and talked to him about his past experiences, including the death of his beloved grandfather, the establishment of the Imperial Liberation Front, and his acquirement of the Azure Knight, Ordine. Shortly later, Rean (in his ogre form) and Crow had a one-on-one battle on the deck of the Pantagruel. Crow lost, but Rean immediately lost power and became exhausted due to being inexperienced with his ogre power.

Alongside Vita, Crow faced Class VII at the final stratum of the Infernal Castle. Afterwards, Crow and Rean entered their Divine Knights and had one more battle. This time, due to Rean gathering more experience with his Divine Knights and being able to use the power of his friends, he was able to defeat Crow. After this happened, Cayenne forcibly has Cedric summon Testa-Rossa, the Vermillion Knight. Crow and Ordine helped Rean and Valimar defeat the beast, but this costs Crow his life as he is impaled through the heart in the process. Class VII is tearful at seeing their old friend die.

Very shortly after his death, it is revealed that Giliath Osborne had survived Crow's assassination attempt and had been hiding in secret all this time. Rean is furious at this news because it reveals that most of Crow's life and his death were for nothing.

Azure Siegfried

Because he was an Awakener with an intact Divine Knight, Crow had not truly died: thanks to the efforts of Gnome chief Black Alberich (who buried a mock body), Crow was eventually able to come back to life as Azure Siegfried. Siegfried bore Crow's appearance, voice and most of his mannerisms (aside his altruism), but lacked his memories. Siegfried appeared to Class VII a number of times over the course of the game, being very cryptic as to his purpose, and shocking them due to his obvious resemblance to Crow. He once commented to George Nome - who ironically, was Crow's former friend and also revealed to be a Gnome at this point - that he "may be a cheap knockoff, but [needs] to pay his respects to Alberich either way", showing that he was aware he was a clone and was loyal to Alberich out of gratitude.

After the defeat of the Dark Dragon, Siegfried had a one-on-one battle with Rean Schwarzer in the catacombs of Heimdallr (ironically the same location Crow first battled Rean when he was masked as C). He later fought alongside Rutger Claussell, Shirley Orlando and Sharon Kreuger in the second roadblock at the Gral of Erebos.

Regaining his memories

After the Great Twilight broke out following Rean/Valimar's destruction of the Nameless One, Crow's memories finally returned and he discarded his mask. When he witnessed Rean/Valimar about to attack Alberich and Osborne, he summoned Ordine and, alongside fellow Awakeners Rutger and Arianrhod, helped restrain an enraged Rean. Osborne then summoned Ishmelga, and together with Cedric Reise Arnor, this made six Awakeners present.

Later on, Crow helped Rean escape the Black Workshop and be released from his rage. Once he escaped, Crow declined to join the party right away, instead instructing them to find him at the temple in Bryonia Island. There, after fighting Rean and co. alongside Duvalie, Crow and Rean held the First Rivalry and battled in their Divine Knights for the first time in two years. After losing one more time to Rean, Crow began to die as Ordine began to be absorbed into Valimar; but Valimar and Rean declined to absorb them, allowing Crow to live on. Alongside Ordine, Crow assisted Rean for the rest of the game to try and stop the Great Twilight, fighting with Rean in future Rivalries as well.

At the end of the game, Crow, Rean, and Millium Orion are all about to die in order for Ishmelga to be truly destroyed. Thanks to the help of Franz Reinford (the true, repressed identity within Black Alberich), all of them are allowed to survive, albeit their Divine Knights are gone forever. Crow is able to return to his past life again, and is seen attending the wedding of Olivert and Schera alongside Angie, George and Towa.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Crow Armbrust
Crow Armbrust Note (Sen)
Year 1 Class VII (Unaffiliated)
Technically a second-year student. A bit of a playboy, but is caring and dependable. Short on credits.
He was the one responsible for introducing Blade to Trista. He enjoys playing it with the local children, too.
He agreed to use his experience from last year to help with the machinery, outfits, etc. for the festival.
Crow's true identity is the Imperial Liberation Front's leader, C.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Crow Armbrust
Crow Armbrust Note (Sen II)
Imperial Liberation Front
The Azure Knight's Awakener. Enrolled at Thors to one day take the life of the chancellor, which he succeeded in doing.
Jurai City
He grew up in Jurai City and joined hands with Duke Cayenne in order to avenge his grandfather, its mayor.
Rean swears to Towa, Angelica, and George that he will bring Crow back and make him graduate with them.
Tragic Death
He fought valiantly alongside everyone against the Vermillion Apocalypse, and lost his life in the process.



Trails of Cold Steel

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Twin Guns (Sen Weapon) Trickster
Initial gear
Easy to use pistols that make unusual combat styles possible.
Twin Guns (Sen Weapon) Trickster
Easy to use pistols that make unusual combat styles possible.
Twin Guns (Sen Weapon) Trickster +1
Easy to use pistols that make unusual combat styles possible.
Twin Guns (Sen Weapon) Colt & Pony
7400 Chapter 6
A pair of pistols made by Reinford. Deadlier than they look.
Twin Guns (Sen Weapon) Double Mustang
700 Colt & Pony x1
U-Material x7
Chapter 6
A pair of pistols customized for pure, unrestricted power.
Twin Guns (Sen Weapon) Shadow Jack
9500 Finale
A pair of pistols that blend in to darkness.
Twin Guns (Sen Weapon) Crime & Punishment
1000 Shadow Jack x1
Zemurian Ore x1
Augmented by a strange ore. Designed to punish sinners.
Twin Guns (Sen Weapon) Fire & Ice
Chapter 6: Quest
[STR+525/RNG+5/Causes burn (10%)/freeze (10%)]
A pair of pistols that fire bullets of different elements.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Double Sabre (Sen Weapon) Ragnarok
Phantasmal Mirror
EP+180/Magic attack evasion 25%]

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Initial gear
Saber: [STR+955 DEF+38 SPD+3 RNG+2 必殺2%]/Gunner: [STR+930 RNG+5 必殺2%]
6240 Purchase (8/20)
Saber: [STR+1010 DEF+40 SPD+3 RNG+2]/Gunner: [STR+985 RNG+5]
マタドール x1
U-Material x6
Saber: [STR+1055 DEF+42 SPD+3 RNG+2 必殺2%]/Gunner: [STR+1030 RNG+5 必殺2%]
7280 Purchase (8/24)
Saber: [STR+1110 DEF+44 SPD+3 RNG+3]/Gunner: [STR+1085 RNG+5]
ヴァサーゴ x1
U-Material x7
Saber: [STR+1155 DEF+46 SPD+3 RNG+2 必殺2%]/Gunner: [STR+1130 RNG+5 必殺2%]
8320 Purchase (8/27)
Saber: [STR+1210 DEF+48 SPD+4 RNG+2]/Gunner: [STR+1185 RNG+5]
フォーモリア x1
U-Material x8
Saber: [STR+1255 DEF+50 SPD+4 RNG+2 必殺2%]/Gunner: [STR+1230 RNG+5 必殺2%]
9360 Purchase (8/29)
Saber: [STR+1310 DEF+52 SPD+4 RNG+2]/Gunner: [STR+1285 RNG+5]
ディープカオス x1
U-Material x9
Saber: [STR+1355 DEF+54 SPD+4 RNG+2 必殺2%]/Gunner: [STR+1330 RNG+5 必殺2%]
10400 Purchase (9/1)
Saber: [STR+1410 DEF+56 SPD+5 RNG+2]/Gunner: [STR+1385 RNG+5]
アヴェスター x1
U-Material x10
Saber: [STR+1455 DEF+58 SPD+5 RNG+2 必殺2%]/Gunner: [STR+1430 RNG+5 必殺2%]
Black Zemurian Ore x1 Upgrade
Saber: [STR+1510 DEF+60 SPD+5 RNG+2 必殺4%]/Gunner: [STR+1485 RNG+5 必殺4%]


Trails of Cold Steel

Name Effect Class Cast Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen Skill) Rapid Volley
Attack (Set) - Area (M) - Delay+15
Fires a series of rapid shots. Can unbalance.
C 20 CP Initial
Craft (Sen Skill) Freezing Bullet
Magic Attack (Set) - Area (M) - Freeze (50%)
Fires a magical bullet imbued with the power of ice.
C 30 CP Initial
Craft (Sen Skill) Wild Card
Support - One - Random effect on ally or enemy
Draws a card, leaving everything to chance. What will happen?
- 5 CP Level 42
Craft (Sen Skill) Chaos Trigger
Attack (Set) - Line (M) - Confuse (50%) - Nightmare (50%)
Fires a bullet of pure insanity. Can unbalance.
S 45 CP Level 54
S Craft (Sen Skill)  Cross Raven
Attack (Set) - Area (XL)
Wildly fires bullets which all hit at once.
SSS 100+ CP Initial

Trails of Cold Steel II

Name Effect Class Cast Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen Skill) Blade Throw
Attack (Set) - Line (M) - Seal (100%) - Balance Down (3 turns)
Throws double saber like a boomerang. Unbalance+20%
S 30 CP Initial
Craft (Sen Skill) Arc Slash
Magic Attack (Set) - Area (M) - Impede - ADF-50% (3 turns)
Cleaves foes with a magical blade. Unbalance+20%
S 30 CP Initial
Craft (Sen Skill)  Criminal Edge
Attack (Set) - Area (L) - DEF-50% (3 turns) - Delay+50
Reduces enemies' defenses to dust. Unbalance+30%
S+ 40 CP Initial
Craft (Sen Skill) Wild Card
Support - All - Random effect on ally or enemy
Draws a card, leaving everything to chance. What will happen?
- 5 CP Initial
S Craft (Sen Skill)  Deadly Crossデッドリークロス Attack (Set) - Line (XL)
Murders foes with a cross-shaped slash.
4S+ 100+ CP Initial

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Delay Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill)
30 20 Initial
攻撃(威力C ブレイクC 崩し有効):
Craft (Sen III Skill)
30 25 Level 105
攻撃(威力C+ ブレイクC+ 崩し有効):
Craft (Sen III Skill)
40 25 Initial
攻撃(威力D+ ブレイクD 崩し+20%):
円L:駆動解除100% 4ターンSPD↓(中)
Craft (Sen III Skill)
40 25 Level 115
攻撃(威力C ブレイクD 崩し+25%):
円L:駆動解除100% 4ターンSPD↓(大)
Craft (Sen III Skill)
60 30 Initial
攻撃(威力S ブレイクA 崩し+5%):
Craft (Sen III Skill)
60 30 Level 125
攻撃(威力S+ ブレイクA+ 崩し+5%):
円S+(地点指定):遅延+4 必殺20%
Craft (Sen III Skill)
80 30 Initial
魔法攻撃(威力A ブレイクD+ 崩し+15%):
Craft (Sen III Skill)
100 0 Initial


Craft (Sen III Skill)
EP400 25 Initial
攻撃(威力SS+ ブレイクC 崩し無効):
Craft (Sen III Skill)
EP400 25 Level 129
攻撃(威力SSS+ ブレイクB 崩し無効):
S Craft (Sen III Skill)
100+ 40 Initial
攻撃(威力SSS+ ブレイクC 崩し無効):全体:封技100%
S Craft (Sen III Skill)
100+ 40 Level 135
攻撃(威力4S+ ブレイクC 崩し無効):全体:封技100%

Braver Order

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name BP Effect Acquire
Chaos Raven
2 Damage Dealt +20% (10 turns)
Restores 30% HP/EP
Chaos Grion
2 Damage Dealt +25% (12 turns)
Restores 30% HP/EP
Trial chest[note 1]
  1. Found at the Rock Patio (ロック=パティオ). Requires Crow and Angelica. Monster level is 106.


Trails of Cold Steel

Trails of Cold Steel II

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV


  • Crow's last name means "crossbow" in German.
  • Crow's bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel is titled "Bad Crowmance".
  • Crow and Duvalie are distinguished as the characters who are fought against at least once in the most games, with four. Crow is faced against at least once in each of the Cold Steel games (including his time as masked C during the first), and Duvalie is faced in Ao and each of the last three Cold Steel games.

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