Crow Armbrust (クロウ・アームブラスト), also known by his code name C (シー), is the leader of the Imperial Liberation Front and later as the Azure Chevalier (蒼の騎士), is a former student of Class VII.


Crow was born in Jurai City, S.1185. He lost his parents at a young age and was raised by his grandfather, the mayor of Jurai.

After the merging of Jurai as a Special Economic Zone with Erebonia in S.1196 and the death of his grandfather shortly thereafter, the 13-year-old Crow left Jurai to wander through Erebonia.

Imperial Liberation Front

Eventually, he met Duke Cayenne, who shared Crow's hatred for Chancellor Giliath Osborne and financially supported him to establish the Imperial Liberation Front. He recruited like-minded members, such as Michael Gideon, Scarlet and Vulcan.

Crow came into contact with Vita Clotilde through her frequent visits to Duke Cayenne. In S.1201, at the age of sixteen, Crow was guided by Vita to an underground place below Ordis, the provincial capital of the Lamarre Province. There, he overcame trials to find Ordine, the Azure Knight resting at the end. Crow became its Awakener.

Thors Military Academy

In preparation for the assassination of Chancellor Osborne, he enrolled at Thors Military Academy. Along with Towa Herschel, George Nome and Angelica Rogner, Crow tested the ARCUS prototypes for Class VII in the following year.

As a renowned slacker, he missed too many classes and risked the chance of getting suspended. Thanks to Instructor Sara Valestein, he was given a second chance to graduate and transferred to Class VII during the summer of S.1204. During these months, he juggled between his roles as a member of Class VII and Comrade C, the leader of the Imperial Liberation Front.

Erebonian Civil War

After faking his own death as Comrade C in Roer during Class VII's field study, he traveled to Heimdallr during Chancellor Osborne's national address on October 30th. From an enormous distance, Crow pierced the left side of Chancellor Osborne's chest using a sniper rifle developed by the Reinford Group's 5th Division. With the chaos it spawned, Crow's shot marked the beginning of the Erebonian Civil War.

With his work in Heimdallr completed, Crow traveled to Trista in Ordine to back up the Noble Alliance's Panzer Soldats. There he came to face Rean Schwarzer, Awakener of Valimar, the Ashen Knight. Crow's three years of experience piloting Ordine allowed him to completely overwhelm Rean, who was forced to withdraw.



  • Crow's last name means "crossbow" in German.
  • Crow's bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel is titled "Bad Crowmance".