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The D∴G cult (D∴G教団; pronounced "D-G," meaning "D therefore G") is a cult active throughout Zemuria.


Trails from Zero

Main article: D∴G Cult Extermination

The D∴G cult was a religious group that denied the existence of Aidios and is said to worship devils. It has kidnapped children all across the continent in order to subject them to human experimentation in the name of a ceremony.

In S.1198 the majority of the cult's lodges were destroyed and some survivors fled to neighboring nations. In spite of the large-scale extermination mission, the cult managed to survive. Led by Joachim Guenter, they continued the human experiment to complete the Gnosis project (the G stood for Gnosis, "true wisdom" as they called it). Backed with funds by Speaker Hartmann of Crossbell, to whom they promised a paradise later on, they managed to complete the Gnosis.

Trails to Azure

It is revealed that the cult was established as an organization to assist in re-creating the Sept-Terrion of Mirage, Demiourgos (the D stood for this). They worship the homunculus, KeA, created by alchemists of the Middle Ages before even her awakening as a replacement to Aidios.

Kuro no Kiseki

More information about the cult is revealed in this game.

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Gerard Dantes was a Prince of the cult, and prior to its destruction, he put a captive Van Arkride through inhumane experimentation to extract his demonic factor. He succeeded, and used the demonic strength this gave him to survive the assaults on the cult later launched by Ouroboros and the Guild. However, he did not care for the cult, and left it to join Almata which he later took over.

It is also revealed that following the destruction of the cult, Ellroy Harwood facilitated its remnants merging with the also-destroyed Order of the Moonlight Horse to form the Garden.

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List of known victims

  • Renne was kidnapped by the cult from a friend of her parents and experimented on. To financially support themselves, the cult lent Renne to Paradise, a child sex brothel. In order to cling onto her sanity, she absorbed the personalities of her fellow captives to numb herself to the pain. The brothel was destroyed when Ouroboros Enforcers Joshua and Loewe raided it, finding Renne as the only survivor. The trauma Renne suffered enabled her to later become an Enforcer.
  • Tio Plato was kidnapped by the cult in S.1195. Guy Bannings rescued her during the extermination efforts. Tio was subjected to human experimentation as well, and this led to her gaining sensory receptivity that assisted her later in life when she joined the Special Support Section.
  • Ennea was also a victim of the cult. She was rescued by Arianrhod and Duvalie, and later joined the Stahlritter in gratitude to them.
  • Sheryll Sky, discovered in the Sun Fort.
  • Van Arkride was adopted by a member of the cult at the age of 7 and was subjected to traumatizing, but mostly nonlethal experiments. He eventually managed to escape by the age of 14.
  • Quatre Salision was also a victim of the cult. It is unknown what exactly he was subjected to, but he was adopted by Latoya Hamilton after his escape.


The D∴G cult operated throughout Zemuria and had more than ten lodges and hideouts, including: