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Daswani (ダスワニ) is a police inspector introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Daswani is a middle-aged black man with short-cropped hair and a circle beard. He wears a loosely button white shirt and black suit with an ocean blue neck tie and long beige coat.


Daswani is a dutiful officer with a strong sense of justice and a calm and level head. He cares deeply for his family but overworks, hardly seeing them. Van describes him as the 'most stone-faced man in Edith, but one who will go to his knees for his daughter'.


Daswani is a family man with a wife and daughter. He once went to Longlai on his honeymoon, 'a long time ago'. He works as an inspector for the Calvard National Police.

Kuro no Kiseki

Daswani first meets Van Arkride after taking him into custody for being near the scene of Giacomo Conte's death. Noting his weapon and grey activities, Daswani notes he could arrest Van but is forced to release him after order from Rene Kincaid and the CID. Daswani and Van would hold a mutual respect but disapproval of each other's ways in their further encounters.

Van and the Arkride Solutions Office run into Daswani again when investigating the scene of Giacomo's death. They cooperate with him and hunt down evidence, later handing it over. Van is appended later once again after encountering Grimcats and Daswani is less than pleased to see Van involving civilians and carrying round weapons, threatening to call him a terrorist. This time, surprise orders from the presidential office allow Van and company to leave.

Van meets Daswani and Nate near a film showing but they rush off when a burglar is detected. Van anonymously apprehends the burglar for them and Daswani muses on how a Spriggan operates.

Daswani is dispatched to Tharbad to help enhance security around the Tharbard Film festival. He reprimands Nate for trying to avoid work and lectures him on the duty of a police officer. Van convinces him to let an officer join the Foxy parade as a good security option and helps the police by giving information about the illegal drugs used in the orbal shishas. He investigates the murder of Gaspar Dillon after Melchior leaves a message on the wall. On the day of the festival, Daswani immediately tries to get a hold of the rampant, drug-influenced crowd but is occupied by the police officers under its control.

Daswani questions Risette Twinings when she comes to work in Edith. Van helps him find a limited edition dress up doll when Daswani wants a gift for his daughter's birthday. Van takes him to the Dark-Ligth District where Van convinces a scalper that Daswani is a bouncer who won't tolerate scams. After questioning the life choices and circumstances of the scalper, Daswani states he is beginning to understand some of the grey areas of life. After the events in Creil, Daswani and Nate are present when Kilika Rouran briefs van on the situation. Daswani pledges to do everything he can to help.

Daswani is invited to the party held in the Montmart Bistro in the lead up to Revolution Day. He has the day off himself and spends it with his family, taking them to the bistro for a meal. It is here that Daswani is caught up in Pandemonium and he immediately gets to work evacuating civilians. He briefs Van on the situation and manages the defence of the bistro whilst Van heads out.