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These data crystals are initially found in Carnelia Tower's Altered Space.

#4 - Lakeside Underground Facility 1/4

[Lakeside Underground Facility 1/4]

In order to make the Seal Mechanism into a reality, we needed both enormous amounts of energy and massive facilities. We, to source the energy, first thought of using the Aureole itself.

The Aureole responds to people's wishes and gives its boon--in other words, by 'wishing' we thought that perhaps we could pull the needed amount of energy from the Aureole.

... However, that did not come to pass. Shortly after the Aureole gained autonomy, it turned to simply one-sidedly bestowing its gifts regardless of the wishes of the people.





#5 - Lakeside Underground Facility 2/4

[Lakeside Underground Facility 2/4]

We could not use the power of the Aureole. Casting our eyes beyond the city, we began to consider using the energy sleeping in the septium veins that rest deep beneath the earth, and eventually resolved to build atop those. However, we were already under the watch of the Aureole.

It seems the Aureole had come to the conclusion that its first priority was the continuation of the city, and therefore the elimination of all potential obstacles to that. So, to deceive the Aureole, we proceeded with the construction of these buildings under the guise of monitoring the septium veins.


――《環》の力を利用することは適わない。都市の外に目を向けた我々は大地の地下深くに眠る七耀脈にエネルギーを、そしてその場所に施設の建造を求めた。 だが、我々はすでに《環》の監視下に置かれていた。

どうやら《環》は、都市の存続を第一とし、そのために邪魔となる要素は全て排除するという思考に至ったようなのだ。 それゆえ施設の建造は《環》を欺くため、七耀脈を観測するという名目で進められた。

#6 - Lakeside Underground Facility 3/4

[Lakeside Underground Facility 3/4]

The facility was built roughly 500 arge beneath the earth on the eastern side of Valleria Lake. According to our investigations, this was the location where the septium veins gathered most efficiently. The land beneath the city was a sprawling primal forest. As it was untouched by human activity, building on top of it proved remarkably easy.

We, while avoiding the attention of the Aureole, collected all the technology we had, and hurried to complete the underground facility.


施設はヴァレリア湖南東の岸辺の地下500アージュに建造された。そこは調査によると、七耀脈が効率よく集まる場所であった。 都市の下に広がる大地はうっそうたる原生林に包まれていた。人の営みは一切無く、建造に際立った障害はなかった。


#7 - Lakeside Underground Facility 4/4

[Lakeside Underground Facility 4/4]

While the construction of the underground facility was underway, we built additional structures on the fringes of the surface. The Ahnenburg, whose inner wall points ever towards the Aureole, and the four device towers that surround the Aureole.

Each system of structures possessed a critical role in the plan and were as vital to the Seal Mechanism as the underground facility.


地下施設の建造を進める間、我々は《環》に知られること無く、その地上の周縁に2種の巨大建造物を築きあげた。 その内壁が等しく《環》の方向を向く《アーネンベルク》。そして、《環》を取り囲むようにしてそびえる4つの《デバイスタワー》。