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These data crystals are initially found in Esmelas Tower's Altered Space. The missing text is decrypted and accesible on the Capel at the Arseille after landing on the Liber Ark. The full text can be seen highlighted below.

#0 - Concerning the Seal Mechanism 1/4

[Concerning the Seal Mechanism 1/4]

My name is Celeste D. Auslese. I am the designer of the Seal Mechanism, and the woman ultimately responsible for the sealing of the Aureole. I have decided to leave behind a series of records for the world to come in case the second seal is activated and the Aureole, which we sealed in another dimension, should threaten to return.

If you who read this message seek to prevent the Aureole's return, I pray this information will aid you. However, if you seek to restore the Aureole, I beg you, reconsider. The Aureole's power is too great for we Children of Man to wield. When we used it, it connected us to the darkest Gehenna.


──私の名はセレスト・D・アウスレーゼ。『封印機構の設立者『封の実行責任者である。 後世、塔による《第二結》が発動し、異次に封印された《環》が甦りそうった時のためにつかの情報断片残すもとす

のメージを読む者が《環》の復活を阻止するつもりなら考にしてもらえれば幸であ環》の復活望むどうか今一度考え直しもらいたい。 《余りに強く、人に扱える存在ではないの容れてし(くら)煉獄(れんごく)に繋がれるであう。

#1 - Concerning the Seal Mechanism 2/4

[Concerning the Seal Mechanism 2/4]

The purpose of the seals is to prevent any contact between the Aureole and humanity, thus ensuring humanity's survival. I feel the need to clarify: the Aureole, itself, does not wish to control or harm humanity. The disaster that visited us was our fault alone.

Do not doubt the mercy of our great Goddess in giving this gift to us. It is we who are unequal to such a gift.


本機構は、《環》による干渉を無くすことによって、人の実存を守るために設立されたものである。 ここで注意しておきたいのは《環》そのものに、人を支配する意志は全く無いということだ。全ては《環》に頼ってしまうわれらの弱さに起因するものであろう。


#2 - Concerning the Seal Mechanism 3/4

[Concerning the Seal Mechanism 3/4]

In truth, the construction and implementation of the seal goes directly against the will of the people and our democratic ideals. Even among our group, some believed we should try to find a way to use the Aureole's power effectively.

However, once it obtained autonomy, the Aureole began to change our society and our lives drastically. It did not just concern itself with our physical well-being; it considered our mental well-being to be a top priority as well.


封印機構の目的はいわゆる民主主義の理念からは完全に逸脱するものであった。 我々の中にすら、無限の力を持つ《環》を有効利用すべきだという意見が少なからず存在していたのだ。


#3 - Concerning the Seal Mechanism 4/4

[Concerning the Seal Mechanism 4/4]

To provide an example: the Aureole facilitated the creation of virtual realities intended to induce euphoria in participants. It even altered brain chemistry to achieve this. It was no different than taking a powerful euphoric stimulant and hallucinogen at the same time. Worse still, there were no side effects. No physical ones, at least.

Such 'boons' have brought humanity's very continued existence into question. The effects already begin to tell upon our citizenry, and we have precious little time left to us. As a result, we few have overcome our differences to undertake the sealing, all too aware of the many difficulties we are likely to face in the process.


例えば《環》は《ゴスペル》を通じて多幸感をもたらす仮想現実を市民に見せ、時には脳内物質の制御までやってのけた。 それは強力きわまる麻薬や幻覚剤がいつでも摂取できる事と何ら変わらない。しかも質が悪いことに、その薬には生理面での副作用が存在しないのだ。

そのような恩恵が、人の実存にどれほど深刻な影響を与えることか…… すでに影響は多くの市民に現れており、残された時間は余りにも少なかった。故に我々は、意見の対立を乗り越え、様々な困難を覚悟した上で『封印計画』の実行に着手したのである。