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David Callaghan (デビッド·キャラハン) is a professor at the Basel Institute of Science introduced in Trails through Daybreak.



David Callaghan is a middle-aged man with short dark blond hair and matching eyes with a thin pencil moustache. He wears a green eastern style turtle neck shirt with a grey jacket, black trousers and brown leather shoes. He wears a Basel Institute of Science labcoat over his clothes.


Once a highly respected and honorable fellow, David's mindset began to change after he felt consistently overshadowed by his contemporaries, including Latoya Hamilton and her disciples. Callaghan became quick to anger and had little time for mistakes or people wasting his time. Shouting and outbursts of anger became common occurrence after he 'lost' his leading position to Yang Cronkite.


David was a long-time rival of Hamilton although he could never quite match her achievements or accomplishments. They would recognize each other's talents, develop the Aurora super terminal, lend a hand to FIO and XEROS, and teach Quatre Salision. Callaghan was largely responsible for developing the previous generation of Calvard's military technology, including the Wezen series battle tanks and Baten Kaitos airships. His genius meant he was featured often in Calvard newspapers.

David is primarily interested in his research into nuclear weaponry, but was disheartened when his research proposal was rejected in favour of Cronkite's. Those who knew Callaghan previously described him as kind and supportive but noted his distinct change in personality after his research started to fall behind when a new generation of military technology was requested. His mental state made him an easy target for Almata's ambitions. In April, they invested in him under the name of the 'Anchorville Trading Company'

Trails through Daybreak[]

Van Arkride and the Arkride Solutions Office come to Basel and begin investigating a case of harassment by one of the Institute's professors. They eventually deduce it is Callaghan and arrange to meet with him, posing as potential investors for his research. After broaching the topic of harassment, David enters an enraged state and makes negative remarks about his staff, citing entrapment and lack of respect. Quatre calls him out but David just grows more angry, screaming that his research will drive Calvard into a new age. He asks Quatre to study under him but Quatre refuses. Later after investigating, a recording of Callaghan is found apologising and saying he screwed up and to stop 'them' but he is cut off. Callaghan is then missing. Links to his research into nuclear weapons being funded by Almata is found.

After a large search, Callaghan's body is discovered in a body of water, suspected death by drowning. In truth, after Van and company uncover uncover Melchior and Olympia, it is revealed David uploaded his mind into a self-emerging AI program and casting aside his physical form and becoming a singularity through the power of the Oct-Geneses.

They track Callaghan down to a prototype Aurora terminal in an abandoned factory where he is completing the calculations for his nuclear weapon. He explains his aim to is create a world of peace through the existence of nuclear weapons and mutually ensured destruction being a deterrent to war. To buy time for the formula to complete, he inhabits a prototype Assault Frame Xycres to fight the party. Using Grendel, Van snatches the Genesis and interrupts the calculation with only 0.03% left. Melchior abandons him and Callaghan realises he was played. To atone, he hands over all the calculations he was able to produce before he fades from existence, unable to keep his mind intact without an active Genesis. He apologises profusely to all present and makes his last comments to everyone that gathers, including former rivals Hamilton and Cronkite.

As part of his legacy, a new form of extracting orbal energy from sepith that is far more efficient than before is discovered. Gerard would later find a way to complete the formula for the nuclear weapons shell using the mysterious power of his artifact, Apeiron.