Deus-Excellion (Sen IV)

The Deus-Excellion (騎神(デウス=エクセリオン)) also as Divine Knights and Great Knights, are incarnations of the Great Power of Erebonia, and have been around since at least the Dark Ages. These humanoid weapons are controlled from within by an Awakener.


After noticing that the Steel was too great for mankind to control, the Gnomes and Witches decided to seal it away. The Argres, Holy Beast of Earth, prepared the seven vessels made of Zemurian Ore and Roselia, the Holy Beast of Fire, split the Great Power into seven fragments which were sealed into the vessels.

There is a hierarchy among the Deus Excellion: Ishmelga has the most power, followed by Argreion and El-Prado, then Testa-Rossa, and lastly Zector, Ordine, and Valimar, which are considered incomplete creations.[1] In addition, it is said that El-Prado produces an eternal radiance and Argreion inherited the traits of the vanished Argres.[1]

When a Deus-Excellion is destroyed in battle, it takes time for them to regenerate.[1] Defeated Awakeners wind up as imperfect Nosferatu in most cases.[1] The area in which Class VII fights Loa Erebonius in Trails of Cold Steel is a graveyard of fallen Divine Knights and their Awakeners.[1]

The Deus-Excellion can be fused back into the Great One through a process known as the Rivalry.

Following the cancellation of the Great Twilight, the Deus-Excellion no longer exist in the world.

List of Divine Knights

At present the following Divine Knights are known, sort by the order of appearance:

Colour Name Awakener(s)
Ashen ヴァリマール


Azure オルディーネ


Testa-Rossa (Sen III)
Vermillion テスタ=ロッサ


Zector (Sen III)
Palatinate ゼクトール


Algreion (Sen III)
Silver アルグレオン


Ishmelga (Sen III)
Black イシュメルガ


El-Prado - Introduction (Sen IV)
Gold El-Prado



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