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Dingo Brad (ディンゴ・ブラッド) is a reporter for the gossip magazine Meld introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Dingo is a man with a dark complexion, turquoise eyes and silver swept hair. He wears a red chequered long-sleeved shirt with a large black collar, as well as a white sleeveless jacket, gray trousers and green boots. Matching pouches and belts are seen on his leg and arm. A black belt can be be seen with what appears to be a wolf or a dingo on the silver buckle.


Described as a handsome and intelligent, Dingo is a lone wolf that travels around the Republic and does not hesitate to use any means necessary to get information. He also has the face of a information broker, so he has connections with Spriggans and other underground organizations.[1]


Trails into Reverie

Dingo conducts business with Renne regarding her ploy to eliminate the influence of a thuggish upper-classman, Ronald, at Aramis High School and his corrupt father politician, Griffith. The pair had been introduced to one another through mutual contact Grace Lynn. Dingo is aware of her past with Ouroboros and as the hacker 'Kitty' and compliments her on her work, as she returns the gesture and praises how he found the perfect evidence to publish. Dingo had found evidence on Ronald while Renne hacked into the congressman's files in return.

Kuro no Kiseki

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