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Dingo Brad (ディンゴ・ブラッド) is a reporter for the gossip magazine Meld introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Dingo is a man with a dark complexion, turquoise eyes and silver swept hair. He wears a red checkered long-sleeved shirt with a large black collar, as well as a white sleeveless jacket, gray trousers and green boots. Matching pouches and belts are seen on his leg and arm. A black belt can be be seen with what appears to be a wolf or a dingo on the silver buckle.


Described as a handsome and intelligent, Dingo is a lone wolf that travels around the Republic and does not hesitate to use any means necessary to get information. He also has the face of a information broker, so he has connections with Spriggans and other underground organizations.[1]


Van states that Dingo is half-middle eastern, and is known for being the only person to ever turn down a Fulitzer prize. During the Great War, Dingo took part in Operation Mille Mirage, contacting all sorts of news agencies to collect information on the hidden side of the war. Feeling like he didn't do it all himself, he avoided the committee until they finally tracked him down in Edith. Dingo was both an information broker and a reporter and is described as carrying Meld, the magazine he writes for, on his back.

Dingo had always been a close friend and associate of Van Arkride, and had looked out for him for five years prior to to the start of Kuro no Kiseki. The two share some mutual contacts such as Jack Trevor and Dingo helped van ever since the office started, giving him advice, providing requests and information.

Dingo was involved in the death of Enrique, the leader of Almata. Enrique had a negative public image while Gerard Dantes had managed to maintain a positive one. Because of this, Dingo was willing to supply Gerard with the information he would need to kill Enrique and usurp his position- A decision he has regretted ever since, espousing himself from public society.

Trails into Reverie

Dingo conducts business with Renne regarding her ploy to eliminate the influence of a thuggish upper-classman, Ronald, at Aramis High School and his corrupt father politician, Griffith. The pair had been introduced to one another through mutual contact Grace Lynn. Dingo is aware of her past with Ouroboros and as the hacker 'Kitty' and compliments her on her work, as she returns the gesture and praises how he found the perfect evidence to publish. Dingo had found evidence on Ronald while Renne hacked into the congressman's files in return.

Kuro no Kiseki

Dingo acts as a constant ally to Van throughout the game. He is associated with some other information dealers such as Bermotti. He is constantly annoyed by a junior in the field who looks up to him yet he values, named Marielle Aymé‏‎. Despite this, he looks out for her and at one point asks and accompanies van to help look for her and rescue her from monsters. He provides Marielle with information and describes her as being incredibly lucky.

Dingo acts as an intermediary between the Arkride Solutions Office and Nina Fenly, the client for chapter 3, who had asked him for help. When discussing activities in Tharbad, Van sets up Marielle to to question Dingo on the types of movies her likes, to his chagrin. Dingo heads to the Tharbad Film festival on the second day to cover it and helps set up some 4SPG requests in the city. He is also pursuing a case related to the underworld. Dingo runs into Marielle who is following him, and during Dingo's investigations, he discovers she and Shahina have been kidnapped and aids Van's attempt to save her by contacting the appropriate parties. Dingo investigates VegasFilm and finds out they are connected to Almata through a series of slush funds and bribes. He informs the party of a secret 5f floor where Sarah might be being kept. Prince Sherid Asverl also works with Dingo, growing tired of the constraints he must work within.

Dingo travels to Messeldam next and discovers that Almata moved their main base of operations from that city. Prior to and during the game's events, Dingo had been looking into the trail of Almata, which had since turned into an actively dangerous organization.In the game's fifth chapter, Dingo, aware that Almata is planning something, heads to Creil and catches Gerard Dantes in the act of trying to destroy the village with a reactor weapon. Gerard detonates the weapon, destroying Creil, and killing its 1000 inhabitants including Dingo. Dingo had been recording a video with his camera that was automatically uploaded to the cloud, leaving Van and his team a record of what Gerard had done. Based on his actions prior to arriving at Creil, it is clear that Dingo was fully aware of the danger he threw himself in.

Later, the party can access a journal Dingo kept by his friend Giordano. In it, notes about the various Almata members and their profiles are kept. Cunning, Dingo's editor, hires Van to help him find this journal.




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