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The Doll Studio (人形工房(にんぎょうこうぼう)), also known as the Rosenberg Studio (ローゼンベルク工房(こうぼう)), is a workshop in the Mainz region in north Crossbell.


It is operated by Joerg Rosenberg, dedicated to the construction of puppetry.

Publicly, the studio creates dolls that are in high demand among wealthy collectors and is also responsible for the mechanics in the stage of Arc en Ciel.

Secretly it is a branch of the Thirteen Factories and was responsible for the initial development of the Gordias-class tactical archaisms, such as Renne's Pater-Mater.

In Zero no Kiseki, former Enforcer Joshua Bright reveals that the network has consisted of eleven Factories "since antiquity" and that the twelfth, the Doll Studio, has been added only recently.

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