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The Dominions (守護騎士(ドミニオン)) are council of special knights who lead the Gralsritter of the Septian Church. Dominions have been active since circa c. S.200.


The requirement in order to promote to the rank of Dominion is the manifestation of a Stigma. No promotion to Knight or even affiliation with the Septian Church is required prior. After the manifestation, another Dominion will invite the one who manifested the Stigma on behalf of the Pope. Although one offered the position has the right to refuse, none ever have in the thousand-year history of the Gralsritter.

It is believed that other Dominions are capable of sensing whenever there is a Stigma to manifest.

At no point in history more than twelve Dominions have been active at the same time.

List of known Dominions[]

No. Name Alias Stigma Chant Area Knight Squire(s)
1 Ein Selnate Carnelia Erebonia Crest Rufina Argent (dec.)
2 Thomas Lysander Partitioner Erebonia Crest
4 Celis Ortesia Calvard emblem
5 Kevin Graham Heretic Hunter (form.)
Thousand-Hand Guardian
Liberl Crest Calvard emblem
8 Gunther Barkhorn(former, retired) Roaring Lion Erebonia Crest Calvard emblem Ryuna
Gaius Worzel Soaring Phoenix Erebonia Crest
9 Wazy Hemisphere Sapphire Testament Crossbell Emblem Abbas
11 Leon Balthazar Calvard emblem