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Dominique Lanster (ドミニク・ランスター) is the grandmother of Judith Lanster introduced in Trails through Daybreak II.



Dominique is an elderly woman with a strong family resemblance to her daughter and granddaughter, sporting pinkish red hair with golden tips, sky blue eyes and a beauty spot under her mouth. She wears two large circular disc earrings, shades and a pearl necklace. She is dressed in a mauve blouse over a red shirt with a leopard print coat, capri pants and slippers.

Dominique is armed with two orbal machine guns with underslung grenade launchers.


Dominique is confident and assured in her actions. he takes the legacy of Grimcat seriously and is not afraid to throw down in a fight.


Judith's grandmother and a legendary Chanson singer who once took the world by storm. She was also the original Grimcat. She claims to not know the origin of the power or how she can transform. Dominique also knows Victor well and helped him out when he was first starting the Montmart Bistro. Chloe Lanster is her daughter by an unknown father, and Judith Lanster is her granddaughter.

Despite her old age, she is very active and holds high standards for both herself and others. Her physical abilities and sense of style as an artist are still intact.

Even after her retirement, she still has a strong presence in the entertainment industry, and has lead many films and events to success by producing or giving acting advice.

Although she sometimes speaks harshly to her granddaughter Judith, she warmly watches over the current Grimcat's way of life. Incidentally, it seems that Judith does not know how her grandmother obtained the powers of Grimcat in the first place...[1]

Trails through Daybreak II[]

Dominique is living in Messeldam and is well known to those in the entertainment industry. She can still transform into Grimcat. She assists Van Arkride, Quatre Salision and her daughter Judith in their search for Almata's legacy, the final Genesis. Whilst the party pursue Robin Glasgow to seek out his information by means of a secret passage, Dominique guards them from pursuit with two machine guns when Zekt Arms arrive.

Dominique would later help out when the erosions were affecting the Z1 Grand Prix in Edith, transforming in the process.


Trails through Daybreak[]

Trails through Daybreak II[]