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Dorothee (ドロテ) is the curator of the Imperial Museum in Heimdallr, an alumna of Thors Military Academy's Class V ('03-'05) and author of the popular 'Love Song of the Summer Grass' series of novels.



Dorothee is a young woman with long black hair that is worn tied back with two strands falling in front of her ears. She has pale green eyes and wears red half-frame glasses. As a Thors student, Dorothee wore the commoner uniform consisting of a green and white blazer, white skirt, red tie, chequered tan skirt and black tights. In her older appearance and employment, she now wears a violet skirt suit with a pale yellow skirt and green tie, with a green skirt and lavender tights.


Dorothee has a passionate love for reading and writing novels, particularly her favourite genre: romances revolving around young males. It's said that Angelica was the first to praise her stories and after that, she became more open and free to write about what she loves. Being an ardent fan, she is sometimes unaware that for many others, her work and passion are harder to handle.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Dorothee enrolled in Thors Military Academy in S.1203, being part of Class V and led the Literature Club. She spent most of her free time thinking about boys' love stories, often having Emma Millstein proofread her works. After Angelica Rogner praised one of her stories, she decided to spend more of her free time writing said stories, eventually getting an honorable mention that made her publicly known.

During the October War, Dorothee flees from the Academy and travels round East Erebonian with Fidelio. She brings with her her favourite book that he 'rescued' from the occupation of Trista but monsters seize it and Emma and Rean must fight them to take it back and recruit Fidelio and Dorothee for their mission.

She tries to put pen to paper and write about her experiences after the war, but gets writers' block. She is keen on becoming a writer, having sent her work to various publishers across the Empire, but none have been too keen on her work.

Trails of Cold Steel III

After graduating from the academy, Dorothee found employment in the Imperial Museum as the curator, while continuing as a part-time author.

She is the author of 'Love Song of the Summer Grass',[JP 1] which is considered a masterpiece of among fans of the boys' love. It's a summer story about boys fostering blazing love and blistering camaraderie while being led around the nose by friction and misunderstandings.[1]

Rean Schwarzer and new Class VII encounter her in her new job when they visit the Imperial Museum. Musse Egret is familiar with her work, despite not many copies having been published. When the artifact bell from Crossbell starts ringing, she is extremely concerned and doesn't know what to do. Class VII head down into the basement and the catacombs below and resolve the issue. Dorothee investigates the other exhibits but only the bell was an issue before its removal.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Dorothee seemingly vanishes after the onset of the Great Twilight, but turns out to be okay on the Courageous II where she takes over the library and managing data. She is on extended leave from the museum. She is asked to take part in a radio drama by Munk, playing one of the roles. Angelica tries to get to write about love between some girls, but she states that is against her beliefs. Rean gets her out of the situation by bringing up the drama and the rivalry of the hero figures within it.

In the rest before the Great War, Dorothee declines to take part in the drinking contest claiming she can't hold her liquor, but eagerly wants a version where the boys compete.

Trails into Reverie

Dorothee has become set upon writing a story about Ash Carbide with encouragement by Tatiana. Apparently her novels had started to become very popular and her publisher wants her to start writing full time, which she is reluctant to do because she loves being the curator of the Imperial Museum.

Rean's group visit the Museum looking for clues on the Black Guard, but Dorothee mentions that there has been a strange sound coming from the basement of the museum, which turns out to be a spirit the party must vanquish. She thanks the party afterwards, rewarding them and saying she didn't have to contact the Bracer Guild.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Dorothee Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class V (Literature Club)
The imaginative head of the Literature Club. Is often a little too excited over the stories she reads.
Maidenly Hobby
She writes somewhat obscene stories about romance between young men.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Dorothee Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class V (Literature Club)
Head of the Literature Club and ardent fan of one particular genre of romance novels known as boys' love.
What You Love
It was Angelica praising one of her stories as a first year that led her to freely write about what she loves.
Using Talents
On Fidelio's advice, she began thinking about writing a story about the war... which may include her favorite genre.
After a story she submitted received an honorable mention, she's ready to begin a career as a professional author.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Dorothee Note (Sen IV).png
Imperial Museum
A curator at the Imperial Museum and former president of the Thors Literature Club. Has a habit of letting her imagination run wild.
Role Model
Dorothee is also an author. Tatiana, a big fan, loves hearing her share her thoughts on the nature of a maiden's hearts.
Arc en Ciel's rehearsal performance provided inspiration for her creative work. Meeting the cherubic Kairi was almost too much.

Dorothee Note (Sen IV).png

Trails into Reverie

Dorothee Note (Sen IV).png




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