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Dorothy Hyatt (ドロシー・ハイアット) is a photographer who works under Nial Burns for the Liberl News Service.



Dorothy is a young woman with reddish hair that curls as it falls to her shoulders and a yellow ribbon in her hair. She has freckles, blue eyes and wears circular half-moon glasses. Dorothy wears pale green and beige coat with a biege short cloak attachment and a slighter longer one in green with brown serrated edges. She wears a purple turtle-neck sweater and black trousers, with leather boots with a blue accent.


Dorothy has a rather ditzy yet optimistic personality. She is always cheerful and is a klutz by nature. Despite having a low attention span, Dorothy has a rare talent for being extremely helpful and taking the best pictures at crucially odd times (despite sometimes originally not intending to be). She also gets lost rather easily.

She also looks up to Nial who is her superior at the Liberl News, even though she drives him crazy at times.

While not a fighter, Dorothy is capable of helping out Estelle and co. by blinding their foes with her camera's flash function.


Dorothy was born in S.1182 to a good lively family. At some point during her childhood, she developed an interest in photography and camera orbal devices.

During the Hundred Days War, Dorothy spent most of her time in Grancel.

In S.1202, Dorothy becomes a newbie reporter for the Liberl News having been scouted for her talent with photography. She was then partnered up with Nial Burns as she was quite a handful even for the Editor.

Trails in the Sky FC

Dorothy is a frequently met civilian who Estelle and Joshua Bright encounter on their travels around Liberl. She is first met in Rolent but is found many times after, giving her assistance and sharing information.

Dorothy even helps take a picture for the group for one of their missions, which is praised as being of 'professional quality'. She offers to take a picture of Joshua on the tower, thinking it would be an excellent shot, but is declined. On another occasion, Dorothy is staying at the Elmo Village inn but after having been gone for a while, must be rescued from monsters.

Dorothy covers the events unfolding in Liberl around the coup.

Trails in the Sky SC

Dorothy reappears a couple of months later in Ruan to cover the mayoral elections with Nial, staying when they hear about the 'ghost' sightings. Dorothy has a picture of said 'ghost'. Dorothy volunteers to go with the group to Jenis Royal Academy to get the scoop on the ghost and Nial agrees since he still has to cover the mayoral election. Happy, Dorothy declares that she will do her best to capture the ghost and Nial yells at her to just help solve the mystery. Dorothy accompanies the party for a while, even helping them take a picture on top of the Sapphirl Tower.

During their investigation of Jenis at sunset, the sighting of the ghost near the Old Schoolhouse, results in a search mission. After finding a hidden staircase, descending into an underground area and confronting a powerful monster, they decide it is too dangerous and Dorothy is asked to go back. Dorothy reluctantly agrees and heads back to the entrance but after some time, Dorothy gets impatient and follows after them. After Estelle and co are stopped in their tracks by Bleublanc's shadow stitching, Dorothy suddenly comes rushing in. She spots Bleublanc and tries to take a picture of him. The flash of her camera unwittingly allows Estelle and co. to escape their paralysis and Olivier praises her for her ingenuity. Dorothy then watches as Bleublanc gets away.

Later on, Dorothy is sent to the Nebel Valley to get pictures of the new training ground being constructed. She arrives late, annoys the soldiers by taking pictures and dines with Mueller Vander. Joshua, along with the Capua bandits, retake the Bobcat. As Joshua and Josette board the Bobcat and escape, Dorothy arrives with three soldiers, taking numerous pictures in the process. As the situation unwinds, Dorothy noted that she recognized the boy, before realizing that it was Joshua and immediately contacted Nial. Nial in turn contacted Estelle, where the three met in Grancel. Before Estelle left for Bose, Dorothy gave the picture of Joshua to her.

Dorothy was seen with Nial commenting about the jaeger attack on Grancel, when the latter saw the Special Forces led by Kanone Amalthea in the city. He told Dorothy to take as much pictures as possible until she couldn't do so anymore. Dorothy accompanied Nial and the others on the Arseille to infiltrate the Liber Ark. Although they are attacked by Loewe and barely crash-land on the floating island, they remain fine. Nial wakes Dorothy up after he regains consciousness.As Estelle and company continued to explore the Liber Ark, Dorothy went alongside Nial to take pictures, fascinated with the beauty of the place, even if it was deserted.

Following the disappearance of the Aureole, Dorothy and the others escaped back into the Arseille, while the Sky Bandits escaped on the Bobcat. They were unable to find Estelle and Joshua, and both groups feared them to be dead. Dorothy initially believed that they had died, but soon appears to act inconsiderate, much to Nial's disdain. Dorothy then told the group that Sieg was acting unusually happy, and was relieved to see that Estelle and Joshua had survived the collapse of the Ark.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Dorothy and Nial arrive late to the banquet held after the situation is resolved, and take many pictures, speaking with Joshua in the process. At some point, Dorothy is sent to Bose, but ends up the Eastern Quarter of Calvard by accident after falling asleep. She recollects these events when talking to Kevin Graham.

In a Memory door, it is revealed that seven years after the Hundred Days War, a young Dorothy who was very bored in Grancel found Nial and stole his camera, taking lots of pictures despite his protests. This started a chain of events that led to her employment in the Liberl News and partnership with Nial.