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Drakkhen (ドラッケン) are mass-produced humanoid Panzer Soldat weapons developed by the 5th Division of the Reinford Group. They were ordered and used by the Noble Alliance during the Erebonian Civil War.


The Drakkhen units are the first majority of soldat units to be mass-produced. The Drakkhen are compatible with several armaments, including blades, shield, orbal rifles and hammers. The units are also capable of fighting without weaponry.

It was later succeeded by the Drakkhen II (ドラッケンII) sometime after the civil war, with two units being sent for use at Thors Branch Campus. The Campus's units were later painted blue and pink, and used primarily by the male and female students respectively. After the Campus is sent more Soldats so that the students can choose to pilot which machine suits them the most, the pink unit sees the most use, with Juna Crawford favoring the Drakken II due to it being the simplest to use. The blue unit, meanwhile, seems to have become a spare, only showing up when more machines are needed. The torso and Shoulder armor are redesigned from its predecessor.


The Panzer Soldat Almanac (1206) states:

This machine was designed to be the most versatile. It is not equipped with any special functions but is easy to operate. The newest model's armor was redesigned to increase defense and mobility.

Drakkhen II

  • Height: 7.0 arge Weight: 6.8 torim
  • Material: Strengthened Chrome Steel II
  • Armaments: T3 Panzer Soldat Blade
  • T3 Panzer Soldat Shield
  • M10 assault rifle



Craft (Sen Skill) Blade Gouge
(with sword)
Rears its blade back before thrusting it forward, puncturing the ground nearby targets which scatter rubble & deliver damage results on small targets.
Craft (Sen Skill) RD Revolution Using its wheel feet, it rotates at a high-speed velocity, causing yellow form wind burst to attack small targets closely..
Craft (Sen Skill) Power Slash
(with sword)
Charges the sword with an orange glow, before slashing it across the target to deliver a damage blow.
Craft (Sen Skill) Burst Shot
(with gun)
Charges a bright glow into the gun, then fires off a single strong shot to deliver minimum damage.
Craft (Sen Skill) Fatal Swing
(with hammer)
Charges up self, before swinging one hammer before the next in making bashing results of damage on the target while the spike wheels spin as they break through the ground. .




  • The armament Glockenhammer translates to "bell hammer" in German.