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Dreknor Fortress (ドレックノール要塞) is a large military base in the Sutherland Province, Erebonia. Its size is on par with the Garrelia Fortress on the eastern border with Crossbell.[1]


The principal duty of the Dreknor Fortress is maintenance of public order.[1] During the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon of S.1203, the then-stationed 3rd Armored Division of Zechs Vander were tasked with providing shelters to the inhabitants of the southern town of Parm and marched on toward the Titus Gate on the border with Liberl.

After disobeying the imperial government's order to invade Liberl, they were relocated to the Zender Gate in northeast Erebonia. In the fall of S.1205, the 4th Armored Division transferred to the Dreknor Fortress.


Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV


  1. In April S.1206, it has been "about half a year".[1]
  2. Takes place after the Liberl Shutdown Phenomenon. On June 27th, S.1204, the transfer took place "about a year ago", suggesting it happened around June of S.1203.[2]


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