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Edgar von Auslese (エドガー・フォン・アウスレーゼ), also known as Edgar III (エドガーⅢ世), was the 25th monarch of Liberl.


King Edgar III was keen to advance Liberl's orbal technology. He donated a large amount of money to the Zeiss Engineering Factory (ZEF) to boost the development of orbal technology in S.1160.

Edgar died in S.1162 and was succeeded by his daughter, Alicia von Auslese.

Thanks to his funds, the ZEF managed to complete the construction of its first orbal-driven clocktower in the City of Zeiss that year and in S.1164, the construction of the moveable Langland Bridge in the City of Ruan. A successful flight with the first orbal-powered airship, the Calatrava, was achieved in S.1168, thanks to his investments.

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