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Edith (首都イーディス) is the capital city of Calvard.


It is the largest city on the continent. Locations include Revolution Plaza,[JP 1] which looks out onto the office of the president and Republic Assembly Hall[JP 2] built 90 years ago; the prestigious high school that produces many elites; the districts lined with publishers and orbal movie theaters; the old town untouched by developments; the commercial district that looks out on the riverside; and on the main street, you can see White Clove Trees on the roadside.

As the continent's leading orbal vehicle superpower, a variety of vehicles ride along the streets, and traffic lights were introduced here before other countries. It is also widely known to be the first city in the continent to adopt a metro system in place of a tram network.



Japanese terms

  1. 革命広場
  2. 共和国議事堂


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