The Eight Leaves One Blade (八葉一刀流(はちよういっとうりゅう)) school is a swordsmanship style developed by Yun Ka-fai.


First Form: Helix

Cassius Bright - Phoenix Wave (The 3rd)

Cassius Bright's Phoenix Wave (The 3rd)

First Form, Helix (壱ノ型・螺旋(らせん)). Cassius Bright mastered this form, earning him the title of Divine Blade. His signature S-Craft attack, Phoenix Wave, belongs to this form. Rotary motions are also prevalent in the swordsmanship of Maximillian Cid, Anelace Elfead and, although not considered a practitioner of the Eight Leaves school, Elise Schwarzer.

Second Form: Gale

Black Emperor

Arios MacLaine's Final Tachi "Black Emperor" (Ao no Kiseki)

Second Form, Gale (弐ノ型・疾風(はやて)). Arios MacLaine mastered this form in a trial against Cassius Bright, earning him the title of Divine Blade of Wind. Both he and Rean Schwarzer use the crafts Gale and, Rean during Spirit Fusion, Arcane Gale and in Oni form, Oni Gale.

Arios' S-Crafts, Aeolus' Fury and Black Emperor, may be associated with Gale.

Third Form: Karmic Flame

Third Form, Karmic Flame (参ノ型・業炎(ごうえん)). Rean Schwarzer's Flame Dragon and Flame Impact belong to this form. Both involve a downward slash and flames.

Fourth Form: Autumn Leaf

Fourth Form, Autumn Leaf (肆ノ型・紅葉(もみじ)). Rean Schwarzer uses this form with the craft Autumn Leaf Cutter.

Fifth Form: Morning Moon

Fifth Form, Morning Moon (伍ノ型・残月(ざんげつ)). Alan Richard's S-Craft, Sakura Morning Moon, directly references the form. His Luminous Wheel, Luminous Ogre Slash, Afterglow Smasher and True Luminous Divider are similar in execution and naming, and thus may also belong to this form. Rean utilises this form while piloting Valimar as well.

Sixth Form: Scarlet Sky

Sixth Form, Scarlet Sky (陸ノ型・緋空(ひそらざん)). There is very little understanding of this form. Rean Schwarzer's True Arc Slash and Fatal Arc Slash may also belong to this form.

Seventh Form: Void

Rean schwarzer seniv scraft

Rean Schwarzer's mastered S Craft (Sen no Kiseki IV)

Seventh Form, Void (漆ノ型・()). Rean Schwarzer mastered this form in a trial against Cassius Bright, earning him the title of Divine Blade. While piloting Valimar, Rean Schwarzer is capable of using the move Enlightened Domination (無想覇斬(むそうはさん)) and the move Clear Minded Spirit Unification (無想 神氣合) which is confirmed to belong to this form. Rean Schwarzer's S-Craft, Termination Slash - Dawn, may be associated with this form.

Eighth Form: Weaponless

Eight Form, Weaponless (捌ノ型・無手(むて)). While piloting Valimar without a weapon, Rean Schwarzer is capable of using the move, Destructive Impact, which is a move associated with the eighth form. It is a form used when a practitioner encounters a situation which involves them not having their weapon on them or disarmed.

Known practitioners


  • In Rean's mastered S craft, the beginning of it is a reference to a Kendo philosophical quote; Meikyo-Shisui ( Clear mirror, Still water ) shown with clearing his mind and the reflection on the water.
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