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The Eisengard Range (アイゼンガルド連峰) is a mountain range to the far north of Ymir in the Nortia Province of Erebonia.


The Eisengard range is a series of mountains found in the Nortia province, North of Ymir and North-west of Roer. The Nord Highlands lie across from it on the far side.

According to Kenneth Lakelord, the region is full of great fishing spots that are not very well known, aftering having heard of them and brought there by his grandfather, Lakelord I.

Trails of Cold Steel II

It is here that Valimar lands after fleeing the events of the attack on Trista and Rean Schwarzer remains unconscious for a month, guarded only by Celine. After regaining consciousness, Rean descends down the range and heads for Ymir.

Hibelle and Klein hideout here in pursuit of a missing airline that had been high-jacked by dropout Jaeger group Bugbear. Rean and Class VII join them in an operation to free the passengers and apprehend the dropout jaegars.

At the top of the range, the final Cryptid of Trails of Cold Steel II appears, which upon defeat rewards the player with a quartz for a Lost Art.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

One of the Fake Salt Pales can be seen manifesting in the Eisengard Range.



  • Eisen means "iron" in German. The second part "gard" could have been taken from "Garde" (guard).