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El-Prado, the Auric Knight (《金の騎神》エル=プラドー)[Note 1] is one of the seven Divine Knights of Erebonia.


El-Prado was the last Divine Knight to be revealed. With abilities second to only the Ebon Knight, it is considered the strongest of the six Deus-Excellion alongside the Silver Knight.[1] Throughout Erebonia's history, the Golden and Silver have won more battles against other Deus-Excellion than any of the others.[1]

It was sealed in the Marshlands of Crossbell until its trial was completed by Awakener Rufus Albarea. Even immediately after its awakening it demonstrated its overwhelming strength. Rufus ultimately lose the Fifth Rivalry against Rean Schwarzer, after which Valimar absorbs El-Prado's power.




  1. Also referred to as 黄金の騎神.


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