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Elaine Auclair (エレイン・オークレール), also known as Beauty's Blade (剣の乙女(ソードメイデン), "Sword Maiden"), is an A-rank bracer affiliated with the branches in Calvard.[1]



Elaine is a young woman with long platinum blonde hair, some of which is tied back into braids. She wears a green bust dress with long tails, short white shirt sleeves attached to a collar, and black thigh-high stockings with white high-heeled boots. She also wears silver wrist guards with white gloves and carries a silver cruciform sword kept in a blue scabbard. Elaine wears a white handbag over her shoulder with a golden cross buckle.

When acting on business separate from the Bracer Guild, Elaine wears an alternate outfit consisting of a black buttoned shirt, dark shorts, black thigh high leggings, brown leather high-heeled boots, and a long mint green coat with a fanned out collar, belt buckled sleeves and a quilted pattern near the coat tails. A white belt ties her coat around her waist.


Elaine is calm and prudent young woman but also very humble and has enough humility to decide she isn't yet worthy of A-rank within the Bracer Guild. She doesn't like making things hard for other people but also doesn't like to be in the spotlight. As such she maintains a serious and dedicated personality to her profession as a bracer, ignoring the attention and fanfare around her. Elaine is nostalgic about the old days when she hung around with her two friends that now have gone separate paths.

Elaine is, for the most part, devoted to doing things the lawful way, but will skirt along the grey if it is necessary for her aims. She will get extremely antagonistic should someone make comments about her age. She also openly demonstrates more frustration and petty anger towards Van, as he seems adept at riling her her.


Elaine is the daughter of Edmond Auclair, the CEO of the Quincy Company and a descendent of Marquis Auclair. She grew up in Oración and made strong childhood friendships with the son of a businessman René Kincaid and orphan Van Arkride. The three were fast friends with Elaine introducing Van to sweets, something that would become his lifelong passion. René, as the eldest, looked out for the other two. Van was then adopted and Elaine suspected her father, who had never approved of Van, had had a hand in Van's disappearance and subsequent trauma that would haunt him for the majority of his early life.

Van would return one day and they all attended Aramis Academy together. Elaine developed feelings for Van, with the two becoming an item after subtle manipulation from René. After René left the position of student council president, Elaine as the vice-president was the favorite to take over the position with Van in the vice chair. Van gave the endorsement speech that got Elaine elected, citing stories about how she beat up delinquent or exposes scandalous traders, making the student terrified of her. After her election, Van disappeared once again from their lives.

Elaine still had heavy suspicions about her father, not just about Van but about other illicit activities he may have been involved in. She distanced herself from the family and, in search of a way to bring justice, took up a position with the Bracer Guild after graduating from high school. She was quick to earn a name for herself and amassed a fanbase. She received offers to star in a movie and model for a magazine and received the title of 'Beauty's Blade'.

Trails into Reverie

In March S.1207, she received the proposal to promote her to A-rank through her senior Zin Vathek from the guild's headquarters in Leman, breaking Sara Valestein's record as youngest to achieve that rank.[Note 1][1] She turned down the offer, arguing she has neither the strength nor the achievements to be worthy to become A-rank.[1]

In August S.1207, Elaine was assigned to a guild request to locate two ten-year-old siblings who left home and never returned. After reaching an impasse, she succeeded in locating the kidnappers the following month thanks to intelligence obtained to a childhood friend working for CID. The mafia responsible turned out to be a subcontractor for "A". When Elaine reached its leader, he and his subordinates were brutally murdered by their superior, wielding a cruciform blade. After a short duel, he teleported away and Elaine managed to bring home the children safely. The sight of death and the superior's massive strength shook Elaine significantly, resulting in her accepting her promotion to an A-Rank bracer.[1]

Trails through Daybreak

Elaine continues to work for the Calvard branches of the Bracer Guild, primarily stationed in Edith but often called to assist in other branches. At this time, the increased activity of the Almata is leading to increased workloads and the bracer guild is often overworked, with members frequently being called out to other cities. Elaine is conscious of Van's return to the city but until the events of the story has been unable to meet him in person. she heard rumours of the places he frequents, such as Bermotti's bar but doesn't encounter him until patrolling with other Bracers Zin Vathek and Alvis. Elaine expresses her disapproval of Van's career and involvement with Agnès Claudel in his work.

Van would continue to run into Elaine throughout his time in Edith, with the two exchanging a few words here and then, leaving many things unsaid. This would include Van buying her her favourite drink, a vanilla cocoa, and Van meeting her at orbal film screenings. She focuses primarily on her work as a bracer, sometimes to the degree that others think she might be pushing herself too hard.

Elaine is present in Langport assisting the bracers when Almata increase their activity there and a large scale conflict threatens to erupt between Heiyue and Almata. Elaine independently reaches many of the conclusions that Van and the Arkride Solutions Office reach and the two collaborate to share information, despite not approving of each others' ways. Elaine accompanies the party to the Hei Long Stronghold and hold off Melchior, while looking after Maxim Lugan and the women he brought with him.

When Almata threatens Oración, Elaine travels to her home town for the first time in years as part of the bracer guild's forces. She continues to avoid her father and family, but knows that she will confront him soon as her investigations heavily suggest a link between Almata and her father. She, Zin, and Fie Claussell form the underground investigation team for Almata's death game. Elaine helps bring down the Dolor Family forces whilst in the city.

Should Van side with the Bracer guild, Elaine would team up them only briefly before disappearing on the second day. Elaine will acknowledge that Van has grown and willing team up. Should Van choose any other allies, he will instead face Elaine along with the Bracer Guild, and she will accept the result after being defeated but likewise disappear the following day. Elaine encounters Melchior and offers him a 'deal' to make the game more exciting, and she forms the 20th team, taking the access point and card intended for the team Van joined forces with. Elaine would continue to participate in the death game and face off against Arioch, tracking him down and claiming his access keys. She lost the fight and had to retreats, but snagged the keys in the process. Van would face Elaine in single combat for the last remaining keys, but is defeated and leaves the rest to him. her deal completed, Elaine gets the information she needs from Melchior.

Elaine resigns from the Guild and goes after one of the main sponsors of Almata, which she has now verified after all these years- her father, Edmond. Ashladd is also after Edmond, branding him a heretic but is content with leaving his retribution to Elaine when they confront him in his office. Elaine explains everything she knows to her father and calls him out on all his misdeeds, to which her father pleads against. Elaine prepares to hand him over when Arioch and Melchior appear, intending to dispose of the loose end Edmond. Edmond apologises for his foolishness but Van intercepts an attack at the last moment and saves him from critical injury. Elaine arrests her father. She apologises for not being able to assist in the final phase, having to answer questions, but she wishes them well.

Having been dissuaded form leaving the bracer guild, Elaine continues her work with them in Edith. She relentlessly starts pursuing the remnants of Almata and confronts them and monsters in the underground. That night, Elaine and Van catch up on the roof top and talk about the past. Van encounters her on Revolution Day travelling with Celis Ortesia and Rixia Mao and the two reminiscence about the past.

Elaine is separated from her companions when Pandemonium envelops the city, having head off once getting Melchior's message. She comes to the party's aid in the Vantail District, disposing of one of the Seventy-Seven Devils quickly and helping to break the demon pillars. Elaine is prevented from joining the party in breaching Genesis Tower. She likewise tries to join the party in retrieving Van from the Endless Expanse but a similar barrier prevents her.

In the New Year, Van, Elaine and René meet up for drinks.

Trails through Daybreak II

Elaine acts separately from the Bracer Guild to come to the Arkride Solutions to request Van's help in investigating a series of murders in the capital perpetrated by Grendel Zolga. The pair team up around the city, with several characters teasing them about being on a date. They work together to take out Jeffrey, a leader of the Desire Gang but come very little closer to finding the culprit for the murders. René contacts them for assistance and they travel to a military base. Elaine is killed in combat with Grendel Zolga with Van swifty dispatched son after. With the intervention of Agnès' Genesis, this event is removed from continuity and the pair survive the fight with Zolga.

Elaine enlists Nadia Rayne and Swin Abel to assist her to investigate further in Edith. They investigate Valis-manufactured cleaning robots in Trion Tower and eventually track down a copy of the Aurora supercomputer and Altera who can summon near-limitless demi-Grendels to defend it. After Nadia and Swin give their lives to give Elaine a chance to survive time resets. They enlist Zin the second time but Elaine herself is killed in this attempt. Only on the third try, after recruiting Walter Kron and with Zin's additional help, do they finally overpower the demi-Grendels and destroy the Aurora copy.

On Nemeth Island, Elaine once again works as part of the Bracer Guild. She works with Zin and discovers the poison release mechanisms scattered around the Island. They confront the the spriggans about this and fight them after they refuse to divulge information. The pair help engage the other opponents on the Island afterwards.

Elaine forms part of the efforts to reclaim the Genesis units and resolve the erosion incidents occurring in the capital. She helps the party breach the Vanity Garden and later the Octradium. Elaine attends the Aramis Scholastic Festival and can be chosen as Van's companion for the event.



Trails through Daybreak

Name Description Location
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Iglesian
DMG+105 - ADMG+22
A knight sword of noble white silver. Engraved with an oath.
Chapter 2: Default weapon of Elaine
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Iglesian
DMG+305 - ADMG+62
Chapter 5: Default weapon of Elaine
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Iglesian
DMG+331 - ADMG+67
Finale: Default weapon of Elaine

Trails through Daybreak II

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Sinclair
Initial gear
[DMG+53 ADMG+22]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Sinclair+
U-Material x1 Upgrade
[DMG+63 ADMG+26]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Katzbalger
[DMG+69 ADMG+26]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Katzbalger+
U-Material x2 Upgrade
[DMG+81 ADMG+30]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Aile Saber
[DMG+76 ADMG+28]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Aile Saber+
U-Material x2 Upgrade
[DMG+87 ADMG+34]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Champs-Élysées
[DMG+95 ADMG+35]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Champs-Élysées+
U-Material x3 Upgrade
[DMG+110 ADMG+41]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Holy Brand
[DMG+127 ADMG+48]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Holy Brand+
U-Material x4 Upgrade
[DMG+142 ADMG+53]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Platinum Saber
[DMG+163 ADMG+61]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Platinum Saber+
U-Material+ x1 Upgrade
[DMG+185 ADMG+70]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Joyeuse
[DMG+207 ADMG+78]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Joyeuse+
U-Material+ x2 Upgrade
[DMG+234 ADMG+88]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Luxbringer
[DMG+260 ADMG+98]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Luxbringer+
U-Material+ x3 Upgrade
[DMG+289 ADMG+109]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Shining Sword 'Mistilteinn'
Black Tamahagane x1
[DMG+315 ADMG+118]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Shining Sword 'Mistilteinn'+
Black Tamahagane x2 Upgrade
[DMG+348 ADMG+131]
Sword (Kuro Weapon) Shining Sword 'Mistilteinn' EX
Black Tamahagane x5 Upgrade
[DMG+379 ADMG+143]


Trails through Daybreak

Name Power Target Cost Acquire
Craft (Kuro Skill) Lohengrin
B Set Circle (M) 40 CP Initial
Physical - Delay (S), Quick
A beautiful yet deadly dance that cuts foes to ribbons.
Craft (Kuro Skill) Kaleido Fencer
A+ Targeted Circle (S) 70 CP Initial
Physical - Delay (M), DMG Up
Halts foes with a thrust, followed by a faster-than-light strike.
Art (Kuro Skill) Silvery Cross
D+ Line (M) 30 CP Initial
Magic - Seal, Mute, Side Attack Bonus
Disrupts enemy formations with beautiful beams of light.
S Craft (Kuro Skill) Knights of Asteria
SS Targeted Circle (LL) 100 CP Initial
Unleashes an elegant barrage of light upon foes.

Trails through Daybreak II

Name Power Range Cost Acquire
Craft (Kuro Skill) Lohengrin
C+ Area - Circle (M) 40 CP Initial
Craft (Kuro Skill) Lohengrin 2
B Area - Circle (L) 40 CP Level 21
Craft (Kuro Skill) Kaleido Fencer
A+ Area - Circle (S) 60 CP Initial
Art (Kuro Skill) Silvery Cross
D Area - Line (M) 20 CP Initial
Art (Kuro Skill) Silvery Cross 2
D+ Area - Line (M) 20 CP Level 44
Art (Kuro Skill) Sword Ortus
B+ Area - Circle (M) 80 CP Initial
Art (Kuro Skill) Lord Ortus
A Area - Circle (L) 80 CP Level 52
S Craft (Kuro Skill) Knights of Asteria
SS Area - Circle 100 CP Initial


Trails into Reverie

Trails through Daybreak

Trails through Daybreak II

Kai no Kiseki: Farewell, O Zemuria




  1. Elaine received the proposal "half a year" before the events narrated in Trails into Reverie, Daydream: "Beyond the Reverie - Forward, Sword in Hand"