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Elaine Auclair (エレイン・オークレール), also known as the Sword Maiden (剣の乙女(ソードメイデン)), is an A-rank bracer affiliated with the branches in Calvard.[1]


Hajimari no Kiseki

Elaine joined the Bracer Guild after graduating from high school. She was quick to earn a name for herself and amassed a fanbase. She received offers to star in a movie and model for a magazine.[1]

In March S.1207, she received the proposal to promote to A-rank through her senior Zin Vathek from the guild's headquarters in Leman, breaking Sara Valestein's record as youngest to achieve that rank.[Note 1] She turns down the offer, arguing she has neither the strength nor the achievements to be worthy to become A-rank.[1]

In August S.1207, Elaine was assigned to a guild request to locate two ten-year-old siblings who left home and never returned. After reaching an impasse, she succeeded in locating the kidnappers the following month thanks to intelligence obtained to a childhood friend working for CID. The mafia responsible turned out to be a subcontractor for "A". When Elaine reached its leader, he and his subordinates were brutally murdered by their superior, wielding a cruciform blade. After a short duel, he teleported away and Elaine managed to bring home the children safely. The sight of death and the superior's massive strength shook Elaine significantly, resulting in her accepting her promotion to an A-Rank bracer.[1]



  1. Elaine received the proposal "half a year" before the events narrated in Hajimari no Kiseki's Episode: "Beyond the Beginning", "And the Sword Maiden Moves On".[1]


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