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Elie MacDowell (エリィ・マクダエル) is the granddaughter of Henry MacDowell, mayor and chairman of Crossbell City and introduced as a member of Crossbell Police Department's Special Support Section.



Elie is a young woman with silver blonde hair and bright green eyes. She wears her hair long, reaching her waist and ties it up with a single black ribbon. Elie wears a short white collared minidress with a teal kerchief, crimson sleeves and two crimson tails extending to her ankles. She also wears black tights and white boots.

In her later appearance, Elie retains her colour scheme, but swaps the dress for a slightly different style resembling dress shirt that opens up to reveal a black shirt and teal neck tie.The crimson part of her outfit now resembles more of an overcoat and meets at the navel.

In battles, Elie wields a customized vintage orbal gun.


Elie maintains a sweet and proper disposition, and she takes interest in anything that has to do with keeping her home, Crossbell, peaceful. She is very intelligent and is capable of thinking in many different ways due to her travels across the continent of Zemuria.

Elie is occasionally not above teasing, especially at Lloyd, and being sarcastic, especially towards Randy. Elie can act very motherly when in the vicinity of small children.


Elie was born to a Calvardian father and Crossbellan mother. After their marriage, Elie's father decided to take on his wife's noble last name MacDowell to gain an advantage in Crossbell's complex political sphere. His strong sense of justice fueled his desire to end Crossbell's suzerainty under Erebonia and Calvard.

Despite his best efforts, he could not get the support of his father-in-law Henry MacDowell during his political campaigning. Disillusioned by what he believed to be a hopeless situation for Crossbell due to its relentless political climate of betrayal and greed, he requested a divorce and moved back to Calvard. Elie's mother went on to live with relatives in Erebonia shortly thereafter. Elie began living with her grandfather Henry from this point onward.

Elie met Mariabell Crois during this time and the two quickly became friends.

Elie's interest in politics led her abroad, studying the complexities of foreign government systems in great depth. During her stay in Arteria she met Ries Argent. When she returned to Crossbell from her studies in S.1203, her grandfather and father had decided that it would be best for her to sign up for the police, which had been developing the concept for the Special Support Section. This would give her the chance to pursue justice without the restrictions of a political career path.

Elie joined the Crossbell Police Department with perfect scores on theoretical exams and marksmanship. As a member of the Special Support Section, she is often consulted for her political and economical knowledge.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

Elie met Lloyd, Tio, and Randy when they formed the Special Support Section, and her long awaited goal started to become a reality. Together after solving lots of cases and slowly unravelling the corruption in the city, Elie foils a plot to assassinate her grandfather. After foiling the ambitions of Revache, Elie joins her team in repelling an attack on the IBC building by gnosis-affected soldiers and eventually putting an end to the cult's schemes in Crossbell.

Elie is disappointed to learn of Mariabell Crois's involvement in the plot surrounding Crossbell's independence and usage of KeA and resolves to get to the botttom of the truth. She joins the party in resolving Crossbell's plight and its resistance efforts afterwards.

Trails of Cold Steel III and IV

Elie accompanies Estelle, Joshua, Renne, KeA and Lloyd in a mission to infiltrate the Mystic Core of Orchis Tower and establish what happened in Erebonia. They succeed after facing Black Alberich, Mariabell and Claire Rieveldt.

Later, Elie and Estelle come to the aid of Class VII beneath Orchis Tower against Cao Lee and Lau. She later does this once more in the Lake Elm Wetlands where they engage the Zauber Soldats in battle.

Elie is present at the the multi-national summit to discuss Operation Mille Mirage on board the Pantagruel. When the Glorious attacks, Elie joins the girl's side and confronts Mariabell. Later, she helps rescue her mother from an incursion of the Spirit World onto the material world by one of the Seventy-Seven Devils. Elie is part of the Crossbell team that attacks one of the fake Salt pales and later comes to the final battle against Ishmelga-Loge.

Trails into Reverie

Elie conducts an operation with the other SSS members to expel Rufus Albarea's personal guard and retake Crossbell. They succeed after a battle on Orchis Tower's rooftop. Afterwards, Elie and the SSS complete various missions in the run up to the re-independence ceremony. At the ceremony, Rufus appears and launches a coup, defeating the SSS and cuasing them to disperse.

Elie is one of the first SSS members to reunite with Lloyd, joining him in the Armorica Village area and in their mission to find KeA and Ilya. At the Sun Fort, they confront Garcia Rossi and Cao Lee before discovering Ilya's turn to the Twilight Dancer.

Elie is part of the final battle against Elysium at Reverse Babel.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Elie MacDowell
Elie MacDowell Note (Sen IV).png
Speaker MacDowell's Secretary
Granddaughter of Speaker Henry MacDowell. A key member of the SSS, she's currently working as her grandfather's secretary.
Family Reunion
Elie's mother was a Crossbell native, but her father came from Calvard. Discussing her history revealed she and Aurelia are related.
After ten years of only being able to communicate through letters, Diana and Elie were finally able to talk again face-to-face.

Elie MacDowell Note (Sen IV).png

Trails into Reverie

Elie MacDowell Note (Hajimari).png



Trails from Zero

base stat by level
3 342 33 41 23 30 29 3 21 10 1
10 650 47 59 37 49 30 3 22 11 1
20 1260 74 96 64 85 32 5 24 13 1
30 2070 111 145 101 134 34 3 26 15 1
40 3080 156 205 146 194 36 3 28 17 1

EP begin at 52 and scale with orbment slot with all is orbment level 2 she has 588 EP.


Trails from Zero

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Ingrid
110 Initial weapon
Stylish orbal gun made by the Empire's Reinford Company.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Primrose
330 Gironde Armory (Prologue)
Sports flower engravings. Made by the Republic's Verne Company.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Stinger 3
900 Gironde Armory (Chapter 1)
Third generation of a popular Reinford company line.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Scarlet
300 Stinger 3 x1
U-Material x2
Guillaume Factory (Chapter 1)
Modified with a laser light for more precise shots.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Rusty Nail
1900 Gironde Armory (Chapter 2)
A Verne Company design with a distinct, streamlined shape.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Malice Marilyn
500 Rusty Nail x1
U-Material x3
Guillaume Factory (Chapter 2)
[STR+60/RNG+4/ACC+5%/Causes Poison+10%]
Modified to take explosive poison-infused shells.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Black Rain
3750 Gironde Armory (Chapter 3)
A new design from ZCF with a distinct onyx abrrel.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Soul Kiss
900 Black Rain x1
U-Material x5
Guillaume Factory (Chapter 3)
[STR+92/RNG+4/ACC+5%/Causes Sleep+10%]
An orbal gun modified to lure its targets into a slumber.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Beatrice
7250 Gironde Armory (Chapter 4)
A low-recoil gun developed by the Empire's Reinford Company.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Moulin Rouge
1600 Beatrice x1
U-Material x10
Guillaume Factory (Chapter 4)
Masterfully modified to increase power and precision.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Bloody Messiah
10000 Gironde Armory (Final Chapter)
The latest design developed by the Verne Company for officers.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Lost Campbell
Monster Chest (Final Dungeon)
An antique gun of unknown design with overwhelming firepower.
Orbal Gun (Crossbell Weapon).png Oiseau Bleu
Zemurian Ore x1 IBC (Final Chapter)
A gun made with a strange ore. For sharp-shooting blue bullets.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
32px Exis Ray
Prologue: "Nightfall"
[STR+890/RNG+6/Critical rate+4%]
A menacing orbal gun that focuses innumerable beams into a single, concentrated attack.
32px Exis Ray +1
Act 2: "Guiding Starlight"
[STR+1135/ATS+110/RNG+6/Critical rate+4%]
A menacing orbal gun that focuses innumerable beams into a single, concentrated attack.
32px Exis Ray +2
Finale: "Scattered Petals, Dying Flames"
[STR+1435/ATS+145/RNG+6/Critical rate+4%]
A menacing orbal gun that focuses innumerable beams into a single, concentrated attack.

Trails into Reverie

Name Cost Upgrade materials Acquired
32px Exis Ray
[STR+940 ATS+140 RNG+6 必殺2%]
32px Exis Ray + 1
[STR+1040 ATS+150 RNG+6 必殺2%]
[STR+1140 ATS+160 RNG+6 必殺2%]
[STR+1240 ATS+170 RNG+6 必殺2%]
[STR+1340 ATS+180 RNG+6 必殺2%]
[STR+1440 ATS+190 RNG+6 必殺2%]
Black Zemurian Ore x1 Upgrade
[STR+1590 ATS+205 RNG+6 必殺4%]


Trails from Zero

Name Effect Cast Cost Level
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Triple Burst
Craft - Attack - One
Fires three high-accuracy shots, concentrated on one point.
20 CP Initial
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Holy Bullet
Craft - Recovery (Set) - Area (S) - HP Heal (S) - CP+20
Recovers allies' HP and CP in an area with a holy shot.
40 CP Level 7
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Wild Swan
Craft - Attack - One - Impede
With a barrage of shots and a kick, cancels arts and crafts.
30 CP Level 18
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Cross Mirage
Craft - Attack (Set) - Area (L)
Steps forward and shoots down each target.[note 1]
40 CP Level 23
Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Strike Bell
Craft - Support - Area (S) - Accelerate
Manifests the time barrier and destroys it, advancing turns.
30 CP Level 27
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Star Blast
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Elie) - Attack - Area (L)
Attacks with a lightning bullet and a rapid charge.
100 CP Story[note 2]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Star Blast 2
Combo Craft (Lloyd & Elie) - Attack - Area (L)
Shocks enemies with piercing lightning and charging assault.
100 CP Bonding[note 3]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Cold Gehenna
Combo Craft (Tio & Elie) - Attack - Area (L) - Freeze (50%)
Shoots a projectile of orbal energy at absolute zero.
100 CP Craft Book[note 4]
Combo Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Riot Star
Combo Craft (Elie & Randy) - Attack - Area (L)
Stops enemies with a gun and a halberd strike like a meteor.
100 CP Craft Book[note 5]
S Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Aura Rain
S-Craft - Recovery - Area (L) - Revive & HP Heal (50%)
A healing rain upon allies. If max CP, HP is fully healed.
100+ CP Initial
S Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Aerial Cannon
S-Craft - Attack - Area (M)
Fires condensed energy from the air as a bullet of light.
100+ CP Level 33
Support Craft (Crossbell Skill).png Saintly Bullet
Support Craft - Recovery - Area (M) - HP Heal (28%) - DEF+25%
Fires a special bullet, restoring health and endurance.
Story[note 6]
  1. Cross Mirage has a slightly different description in Zero no Kiseki Evolution: "Rushes forward and shoots down every target in the area." but its behavior is the same.
  2. Star Blast is acquired after the rooftop scene in Chapter 2.
  3. Star Blast 2 is acquired by seeing Elie's Bonding Event in the IBC in the Final Chapter. No other "level 2" combo craft can be acquired in a single playthrough.
  4. Cold Gehenna is acquired from the Craft Book - Moon found in the Moon Temple.
  5. Riot Star is acquired from the Craft Book - Star found in the Stargazer's Tower.
  6. Saintly Bullet becomes available when the party first has five members, during Chapter 2 when investigating Stargazer's Tower.

Trails to Azure

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Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Mirage Swan
D+ C 15% 30 CP Initial
Physical - Area M (Set) - Impede (100%)
Takes the enemy by surprise with a volley of gunfire.
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Holy Bullet
40 CP Initial
Recovery - Area L+ (Set) - Restores 25% HP - CP+25
A bullet of holy blessing that recovers ally HP and CP.
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png Aura Rain
100+ CP Initial
Recovery - Area LL (Set) - Restores All HP - Cures All (Restores ALL EP at 200 CP)
Creates a sphere of light that bursts into healing rainfall.

Trails into Reverie

Name Power Break Unbalance Cost Acquire
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Mirage Swan
30 CP Initial
攻撃(威力C ブレイクC 崩しC+):
円M(地点指定):駆動解除100% 4ターンSPD↓(中)
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Mirage Swan 2
30 CP Level 173
攻撃(威力C+ ブレイクC+ 崩しB):
円M(地点指定):駆動解除100% 4ターンSPD↓(中)
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Holy Bullet
40 CP Initial
回復:円L+(地点指定):HP25%回復 CP+25
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Holy Bullet 2
40 CP Level 133
回復:円L+(地点指定):HP30%回復 CP+30
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Divine Crusade
80 CP Level 107
魔法攻撃(威力S+ ブレイクC 崩しD):
Craft (Sen III Skill).png Divine Crusade 2
80 CP Level 199
魔法攻撃(威力SS ブレイクC 崩しD):
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png Aura Rain
100+ CP Initial
S Craft (Sen III Skill).png Celestial Rain
100+ CP Initial

Brave Order

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Name BP Effect
Cross Strike
5 Arts' EP cost -50% (4 turns)
AT Advance


Trails from Zero

Trails to Azure

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Trails into Reverie

Akatsuki no Kiseki