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Ellroy Harwood (エルロイ・ハーウッド), also known as the Thousand Oathbreaker (千の破戒者) (abbreviated to Oathbreaker (破戒)), is the Fourth Anguis of Ouroboros.[1]



Ellroy is a tall middle-aged man with medium length unkempt black hair, red eyes with snake-like slits and pronounced scars or burn marks across his face. He wears a loosely buttoned plum shirt over white trousers which features a golden diamond pattern down the leg and a chain hanging from his belt. He also wears a long, thick azure blue long coat with a hood. This coat appears to be made out a material resembling feathers or very thick fur.


Ellroy is a person who acts on his own whims. As his moniker suggests he is reputed to be quite treacherous, often breaking or going back on his various agreements. Yet at times he will also actually keep his word if only for the novelty of betraying his own title. He is also said to be a criminal mastermind, able to manipulate the underworld however he sees fit while leaving virtually no trace of his involvement.


Having studied and practiced the evil deeds of all ages and places, Ellroy is a criminal specialist.[2]

At an unknown time, Harwood became a member of the Order of the Moonlight Horse assassination organization. In S.1194, when Harwood would have been 33, the Order was destroyed by Ouroboros's most powerful agents. Harwood joined Ouroboros afterwards, alongside fellow Order members Lucrezia Isselee and Sharon Kreuger. Harwood became the Society's Fourth Anguis.[1]

It is speculated by Dingo Brad that Harwood was the one who trained Melchior, a member of the Order. Following the Order's destruction, Harwood allowed its remnants including Melchior, along with the remnants of the destroyed D∴G cult, to merge and form the Garden. However, he did not supervise and was not a member of this new organization.

In the underworld, Oathbreaker is also known as the Maven Lawbreaker (犯罪の天才). He has a reputation for causing the organizations he deals with to self-destruct, in incidents dismissed by the authorities as (but not believed in the underworld to be) accidents or unrelated incidents. He is also known to be an expert in various types of weaponry, including poison and chemical/biological weapons.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd and Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV

Information about Harwood before Kuro no Kiseki was limited. He was only known as (Thousand) Oathbreaker. Lucrezia notes that he does not, to her knowledge, possess any kind of supernatural ability.

In Star Door 14, during the conference of Campanella, the surviving Anguis and the Grandmaster in the Celestial Globe, Harwood (at this time only known as the Fourth Anguis) expresses his surprise over Georg Weissmann's death following the conclusion Gospel Plan and inquires after the assassin's name. He then criticizes the Second Anguis for "not even [mourning Leonhardt's] loss for more than a second before setting [her] eyes on a new guy".[3]

It is suggested that he was active in Erebonia during Trails of Cold Steel I and II.[Note 1] He votes in favour of abandoning the Phantasmal Blaze Plan in favour of the Great Twilight plan. He took on the Septian Church in Arteria alongside Mariabell Crois to prevent their interference in the Empire by the time of Trails of Cold Steel III. However, unlike Mariabell, he is not known to have returned to Erebonia in time for the Great Twilight during Trails of Cold Steel IV.

Kuro no Kiseki

Harwood is one of the three known members of Ouroboros active during the game, along with Walter Kron and Isselee. Harwood initially remains a figure active from the shadows, observing events take place regarding Almata and the Garden that is supporting them. Harwood makes his debut in Tharbad, visiting the night club with Lucrezia where they get drinks at the bar and exchange a few words with Van Arkride and Aaron Wei. He is later seen at the Tharbad Film Festival, commenting on how the remaining 'branches and flowers of the garden have grown.'

Ellroy makes his introduction to the Arkride Solutions Office in chapter five when he enlists them as a client to help balance out what he calls an overabundance of chaotic factions in Oración. Ellroy is ambivalent as to whether the Solutions Office directly works with Ouroboros or not and simply request their participation. He provides them with information on Garden and brazenly ignores the rules about smoking.

Should Van choose to side with Ouroboros during the Almata-organized battle royale, he first has them fight Lucrezia as a test. Ellroy himself does not partake in the joined forces, leaving that to Walter and Lucrezia. Should Van choose any other route, Walter and Lucrezia will act as opponents whilst Ellroy watches. Whether he is sided with or not, Van will deduce his true intentions. He planned to use a chemical weapon to wipe out all of the opposing factions in Oración, as well as potentially lots of civilians and bystanders, but after the plan is found out in advance by Van, Harwood relents and withdraws from the death game.

Though he constantly vexed the Arkride Solutions Office due to his unpredictable and chaotic nature, by the end of the game, he cooperates with them in destroying Almata. He is present in Edith during the Revolution Day festivities and has a conversation with Kasim Al-Fayed and Rene Kincaid. Elroy helps dispel the fiends attacking the city during Pandemonium by using some dark aura, potentially one of his chemical weapons. Ellroy may come to the aid of the party breaching Genesis Tower by destroying one of the Diabolos Pillars.


Trails of Cold Steel III

Kuro no Kiseki

Kuro no Kiseki II: Crimson Sin


  • His Japanese alias literally translates as 'one who has broken a thousand commandments'.
  • Harwood's dialogue lines are written in a distinctive style in Japanese. His vowels are lengthened playfully as "なァ" or "ねェ", a trait he shares with Lechter Arundel.
  • His voice actor in Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution, Keisuke Baba, also voiced Carl Regnitz in Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV and Dogi in Ys Seven. His voice actor in Kuro also voices Giacomo Conte, a character who only appears and dies in the Prologue of the game.
  • Harwood is frequently mentioned to be a quite despicable character, even described as "the worst" by the Enforcers he works with along with ex-Enforcer Renne.
  • Renne states at one point that Harwood seems to take pleasure in toeing the line the Grandmaster has set very closely.
  • Harwood might have willingly betrayed the Order for Ouroboros, as shown by his title and by the fact that Ouroboros' main tenet is that people have to join by their free will, and cannot be coerced to it.
  • He looks surprisingly similar to Van, having the same black hair with a blue streak. The resemblance seems to be completely casual.



  1. When Arianrhod enters the Celestial Globe in Trails to Azure, Chapter 3: "Budding Turmoil", she updates the other Anguis that "the rest will be left to Oathbreaker"[JP 1] before turning her attention to Crossbell.[4] When she herself starts her activities in Erebonia from Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" onward, she states that "Oathbreaker and Mariabell have taken on the responsibility for Arteria".[JP 2]


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