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Ellroy Harwood (エルロイ・ハーウッド), also known as the Thousand Oathbreaker (千の破戒者) (abbreviated to Oathbreaker (破戒)), is the Fourth Anguis of Ouroboros.[1]



Ellroy is a tall middle-aged man with medium length unkempt black hair, red eyes with snake-like slits and pronounced scars or burn marks across his face. He wears a loosely buttoned plum shirt over white trousers which features a golden diamond pattern down the leg and a chain hanging from his belt. He also wears a long, thick azure blue long coat with a hood. This coat appears to be made out a material resembling feathers or very thick fur.


Ellroy is a person who acts on his own whims. As his moniker suggests he is reputed to be quite treacherous, often breaking or going back on his various agreements. He is also said to be a criminal mastermind, able to manipulate the underworld however he sees fit while leaving virtually no trace of his involvement.


He was originally a member of the Order of the Moonlight Horse assassination organization. In S.1194, when Harwood would have been 33, the Order was destroyed by Ouroboros's most powerful agents. After fighting with Ouroboros, alongside fellow members of the now-destroyed Order, Lucrezia Isselee and Sharon Kreuger, Oathbreaker later joined them. He became the Fourth Anguis of the society.[1]

He uses a mysterious power that can rot away even demons in purgatory. Having studied and practiced the evil deeds of all ages and places, he is a criminal specialist but it is said that a "certain plan" of Ouroboros is related to his movements within the Republic.[2]

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Harwood expresses his surprise over Georg Weissmann's death following the conclusion Gospel Plan and inquires after the assassin's name. He then criticises the Second Anguis for "not even [mourning Leonhardt's] loss for more than a second before setting [her] eyes on a new guy".[3]

Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV

Information about Harwood before Kuro no Kiseki was limited. He was only known as (Thousand) Oathbreaker. He may have been active in Erebonia during Trails of Cold Steel I and II.[Note 1] He took on the Septian Church in Arteria alongside Mariabell Crois to prevent their interference in the Empire by the time of Trails of Cold Steel III.

Kuro no Kiseki

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Trails of Cold Steel III

Kuro no Kiseki


  • The alias Thousand Oathbreaker literally translates as 'one who has broken a thousand commandments'.
  • Harwood's dialogue lines are written in a distinctive style in Japanese. His vowels are lengthened playfully as "なァ" or "ねェ", a trait he shares with Lechter Arundel.
  • His voice actor in Trails in the Sky the 3rd Evolution, Keisuke Baba, also voiced Carl Regnitz in Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV and Dogi in Ys Seven.
  • It's not known what is the cause of his ability to generate dark aura.
  • Ellroy Harwood might have willingly betrayed the Order for Ouroboros, as shown by his title and by the fact that Ouroboros' main tenet is that people have to join by their free will, and cannot be coerced to it.



  1. When Arianrhod enters the Celestial Globe in Trails to Azure, Chapter 3: "Budding Turmoil", she updates the other Anguis that "the rest will be left to Oathbreaker"[JP 1] before turning her attention to Crossbell.[4] When she herself starts her activities in Erebonia from Trails of Cold Steel III, Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" onward, she states that "Oathbreaker and Mariabell have taken on the responsibility for Arteria".[JP 2]


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