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Elmo Village (エルモ村) is a famous town in the Zeiss region, Liberl. It is known as the hot springs resort town and it is reputed for its famous hot springs bath house.


As mentioned previously, Elmo VIllage is a resort town that is reputed for its open bath houses. It is highly influenced by Eastern aesthetic cultures as most of its inhabitants are immigrants from the Calvard Republic.

Trails in the Sky FC

Estelle and Joshua Bright complete requests in the Elmo area during their tenure as junior bracers. There, they meet Grandma Mao, the owner of the hot springs Inn and they help out fixing the pump with Tita Russell. They had been asked to escort Dorothy Hyatt back to the inn by the concerned owners.

Trails in the Sky SC

localised earthquakes in the Zeiss region cause the hot springs in Elmo Village to boil over. During their investigation of the phenomenon, Estelle's group stay at the hot springs where they foil a case of inexplicable monster peeping by insidious Creepy Sheep. Estelle and her group give chase and put an end to the monsters' devious reign by scaring them off after a brief fight.

It is through investigating the source of the Hot springs that the group discovers the operational base of Walter with his Septium vein agitator.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Zin Vathek, Kilika Rouran and Elsa Cochrane meet in Elmo to discuss future plans and Samuel Rocksmith's plans for the Rocksmith Agency. They stay over night and by the end of the stay, Kilika decides to move on from the Bracer Guild.


  • The Maple Leaf Inn
  • Autumn Souvenirs
  • Elmo Village - Pump Shed