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Elnan (エルナン) is the receptionist clerk at the Grancel Bracer Guild in Trails in the Sky FC, SC, and the 3rd.



Elnan is man with a quite youthful appearance, with long blonde hair, tied to one side and blue eyes. His clothing suggests noble or upper-class upbringing, with a double breasted coat over a white shirt and white ruffled cravat. He wears smart blue trousers and brown leather shoes.


Elnan is a well-mannered gentleman. he is almost always smiling, and is happy to lend a hand to anyone who walks through the doors of the Grancel branch of the Bracer Guild.


Elnan is the receptionist at the Grancel Bracer Guild. He has apparently worked there for a long time.

In S.1202, Elnan helped planned the rescue operations to save the Queen and Princess Klaudia.

Trails in the Sky FC[]

In S. 1202, Estelle and Joshua Bright report to Elnan when they arrive in Grancel, the final region needed for their recommendation to full bracer status. He registers the two of them when they first arrive d and after they tell him their circumstances and Professor Russell's request, he agrees to help them. Elnan furthers tells them to give him some time to think about it.

Elnan helped plan the rescue operations to save the Queen and Princess Klaudia. he helps gather information and is shocked to find out Alan Richard could be behind the coup attempt.

Trails in the Sky SC[]

Elnan is first spotted when Estelle Bright and Anelace Elfead arrive back at the Bracer Guild from their Training Program to report to Elnan about the results of their training. Elnan compliments them on how much stronger they've gotten and how different they seem than before. Elnan informs them that they'll be receiving help from the military so it won't be that bad, but at the same time, they'll also have new threats to deal with as well. Elnan informs them of a new response that they've come up with to deal with strange events and the presence of Ouroboros. Elnan wants one of the pair to go with either Schera or Agate to their allocated specific area. Elnan then asks if they still want to go and Estelle and Anelace cheerfully agree. Elnan thanks the two of them. Elnan states that he will call the branches, so that they know that they are coming.

Estelle sees Elnan once again when she returns to the capital and helps solve the mystery of the threatening letters and the disappearance of Renne's parents.

Elnan gives the party a briefing on the situation in Liberl when the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon occurs and the Liber Ark appears.

During Ouroboros' attack on the city, Elnan has been evacuating citizens into the guild house. He enthusiastically welcomes the party back and urges them to head after the enforcers who went after the Castle.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd[]

Elnan has a small role when Zin Vathek notifies him that he will be returning to Calvard. Elnan passes on information that Elsa Cochrane wishes to meet with him at the Elmo Village hot springs.

Trails into Reverie[]

Elnan does not appear in person, but it is mentioned that he was recently promoted to the Main Bracer Headquarters in Leman.

Akatsuki no Kiseki[]

In Chapter 1, Elnan requests help from the Crossbell Bracer Guild with regards to Queen Alicia's Birthday Celebration. In response, the guild send Chloe Barnett and Nacht Weiss to help him.

Meeting them, Elnan soon puts them to work with requests.


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