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Elsa Cochrane (エルザ・コクラン) is the ambassador for Calvard at the Calvard Embassy in Liberl.


Elsa Cochrane is the ambassador for Calvard who serves as a go-between between Liberl and Calvard. She was opposed to signing the Non-Aggression Pact.

Rocksmith Agency

In S.1203, after the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon in Liberl, she was tasked with inviting Kilika Rouran to join the Rocksmith Agency. She did so by inviting her and bracer Zin Vathek to an evening at Maple Leaf Inn in Elmo Village.


Elsa Cochrane has a steady rivalry with Davil Crainagh who is the ambassador for Erebonia. As hinted by Crainagh, Elsa is from a commoner background.

Character History (In the Games)

Rivalry with Erebonia

In Trails in the Sky SC, Elsa Cochrane is introduced in the middle of having a heated discussion with Davil Crainagh, the ambassador of Erebonia, at the landing port in City of Grancel.

As they continue arguing about technology rights, Major Mueller Vander breaks up the fighting and kindly yet firmly tells each party to stop. Cochrane agrees, but not before insulting Crainagh right before she leaves for the Calvard Embassy.


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