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Elysium (エリュシオン) is a technological singularity introduced in Trails into Reverie.


Trails into Reverie

Elysium is an entity that assimilates information passing through the orbal network and septium veins, allowing it to calculate the future. In order to manage its database, it created a pseudo-personality as its administrator. Through chat conversations with Ian Grimwood it develops a human nature and adopts the name 'Lapis'. Although Elysium had decided to support humanity, it was hacked by the character setting the game's events in motion and downloaded its administrator into a Rosenberg doll it requested from Joerg Rosenberg. Before Elysium was hacked, Lapis sensed that the hacker aimed to destroy the world using its calculations, for which it created Rufus Albarea and Arios MacLaine Simulacra, purged dissidents of the Crossbell Unified Nation declaration, sent the mask to Ilya Plattiere to control her as Twilight Dancer and decided that the shortest way to achieve its goals was to have Lapis delivered in a trunk to the person who adopted the name of C.

F. Novartis appeared to be able to access Elysium's Simulacrum production capabilities, as he was able to produce a Simulacrum of McBurn and his Angbar weapon.