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Emily (エミリー) is introduced as a student of Thors Military Academy's Class IV ('03-'05).



Emily is a young woman with cropped red hair and lavender eyes. During her days at Thors, she wore a commoner uniform consisting of a green and white blazer, pleated skirt and red tie. After graduation, she joined the air force, wearing the purple and black uniform of the military with a fur lined bomber's jacket and a purple cap. Emily uses an orbal pistol in combat.


Emily is known to be passionate, enjoying lacrosse with her fellow club members. She is also a girl of action, the gutsy type to not stand down; especially when it involves helping her best friend- Theresia out. She is someone that looks out for others, and plenty feel glad to have her around. Her motto for the sport is: The three key pillars of the sport are the three key pillars of youth itself: friendship, hard work, and success!


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Emily and Theresia are almost always seen together, and more often than not, this is on the playing field for lacrosse. Emily is officially the captain, carrying the title Blazing Maiden (炎の女). Even though they differ in their social backgrounds, they get along strongly. When the Academy is threatened by the forces of the Noble Alliance, Emily musters up some other students are prepares to mount a defence.

During the October War, Emily is setting up relay devices. Rean offers his assistance and with the job done, she joins them on the Courageous. Emily and Theresia run the ranged training room practice.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

After graduation, Emily started working as 2nd Lieutenant with the 3rd Air Fleet of the Imperial Army. She and Theresia are stationed on a scientific research vessel that is producing a protective barrier around the Draco Shrine, preventing Rean from accessing it for the Rivalries. She and Theresia face Class VII when they board, stating it is their duty as part of the air force, but are defeated.

Feeling uncomfortable with the direction of the war, They are re-stationed to the Independent Rogue Faction - a special force that is allowed to use its own judgement to defer criminal organizations that might infiltrate the Empire, by a sympathetic Vandyck. they use this opportunity to reunite with the others in Mishelam before the start of the Great War. She is asked to participate in the drinking contest, but she asks Edel to represent them.

Trails into Reverie

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Emily and Theresia are invited to play tennis in the run up to the upper classmen reunion. Despite never having played before, they transfer some of the skills they learned from lacrosse and turn out to be pretty good. Rean's party later meet up with them in Heimdallr where they have a home. They have been transferred to the Joint Staff Office by Vandyck. They cannot share any information yet due to military confidentiality, but are concerned for the events in Crossbell.

When Reverse Babel is revealed and fires Keraunos for the first time, Emily signals to Vandyck onboard one of the Air force ships about a disturbance in Crossbell. They witness the beam travel past and obliterate the Juno Naval Fortress.

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Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Emily Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class IV (Lacrosse Club)
The passionate captain of the Lacrosse Club. Always encouraging the other members of the club.
Emily and Theresia didn't get along at first, but they eventually became best friends--a fact that she's very proud of.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Emily Note (Sen).png Year 2 Class IV (Lacrosse Club)
The passionate captain of the Lacrosse Club, known as the Blazing Maiden. Best friends with Theresia.
Finishing her information gathering work with Nicholas, she boards the Courageous in order to see Theresia again.
Even away from Thors, she always keeps her lacrosse uniform with her, and sometimes even wears it.
Air Fleet
She's going to be joining a new air fleet with Theresia and hopes to one day be as capable an officer as Claire.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Second Lieutenant Emily
Emily Note (Sen IV).png
3rd Air Force
A fiery Thors graduate. She was president of the Lacrosse Club at Thors and gave her all in coaching Alisa and her teammates.
Sisterly Love
After a chance reunion with her brother, Levin, Emily started to have doubts about how the military does things.
Lacross Teammates
Emily met up with the rest of the Lacrosse Club. Though their paths in life have differed, their teamwork is strong as ever.

Emily Note (Sen IV).png

Trails into Reverie

Emily Note (Sen IV).png


Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV