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The Enforcers (執行者(レギオン)) are prominent agents of Ouroboros that execute the plans drafted by the Anguis. Though each and everyone of them is powerful in their own way, outstanding work for Ouroboros is rewarded by the Grandmaster.


Enforcers are assigned a number based on a yet unspecific criteria. The number of an Enforcer is not an indicator of their strength; however, the two strongest Enforcers, McBurn and Leonhardt, have been assigned 1 and 2, respectively.

In Trails in the Sky SC, Bleublanc reveals that Enforcers are able to act on their own accord regardless if it goes against an Anguis or the Grandmaster's wishes, since the society is built on willing trust. They are able to go on hiatus or even quit altogether, as shown with both him and McBurn, while Joshua, Renne and Sharon left the society. In Trails in the Sky the 3rd, the Anguis themselves state that they simply cannot order around the Enforcers, that it is not the way of the Society. Campanella, "The Fool," who is assigned the number 0, has a position different from the other Enforcers. He generally acts as an observer and does not seem to share the same freedoms as his fellow Enforcers.

In Trails of Cold Steel II's Intermission during a conversation between Duvalie and Rean it is said that Enforcers are selected by the Grandmaster herself and in order to be selected as one and given a number that person needs to be burdened by some kind of "darkness", typically a traumatic event that deeply impacted their life. Otherwise, they are ineligible to become an Enforcer, shown in SC when Leonhardt told Estelle that she was ineligible for the position due to her lack of "darkness".

List of Enforcers

No. Name Alias(es) Arcana Note
0 Campanella The Fool The Fool
I McBurn Almighty Conflagration

Blazing Demon

The Magician
II Leonhardt Loewe


The High Priestess Deceased
III Lucrezia Isselee Golden Butterfly The Empress
IV The Emperor
V The Hierophant
VI Luciola Bewitching Bell The Lovers Missing[1]
VII The Chariot
VIII Walter Kron Direwolf Strength
IX Sharon Kreuger Severing Chains The Hermit Quit
X Bleublanc Phantom Thief B Wheel of Fortune Hiatus
XI Justice
XII The Hanged Man
XIII Joshua Astray Black Fang Death Quit
XIV Temperance
XV Renne Angel of Slaughter The Devil Quit
XVI The Tower
XVII Shirley Orlando Sanguine Ogre The Star
XVIII The Moon
XIX Cedric Reise Arnor The Sun


  • Enforcers were originally titled as Legion in the original Japanese dialogue.
  • In an AMA, when quizzed on whether all the enforcers were preplanned prior to development, Kondo stated that it was 'a little bit of column A, and a little bit of column B. They basically have all the ideas of what kind of character they want in an individual role but end up fine-tuning a lot of these characters for their specific roles in the games in which they appear. He also stated he found Loewe the coolest,and Bleublanc the most annoying, despite having created him.[2]


  1. Her official status as an Enforcer is 'missing'. During the climax of the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon, Luciola escaped from her opponents from the Axis Pillar. She appeared in Trails to Azure as a fortune-teller in Mishelam, Crossbell.