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The Epstein Foundation (エプスタイン財団) is a Leman based institute dedicated to spreading orbal technologies across Zemuria. It was founded by the disciples of C. Epstein the year after his death and the institute has been the centre of orbal development ever since.


The Epstein Foundation researches and manufactures orbments, specialising in information processing and communication. The Epstein Foundation, for the greater part of modern history, was also the sole manufacturer of battle orbments, which allow their users access to arts. Their recent Orbal Network Project also promises to be the future of orbal communication.


The death of C. Epstein in S.1154 led his most prominent disciples - Professor Albert Russell, Professor G. Schmidt and Professor L. Hamilton - to found the Epstein Foundation the year after. Shortly thereafter, the disciples each went their own way.

Albert Russell returned to Liberl and proposed the spread of orbment technology, which met a chilly reception. In S.1157, he formed a partnership with the Zeiss Clockmaker's Union and together established the Zeiss Engineering Factory (later renamed the Central Factory). Schmidt returned to Erebonia where he collaborated with the Reinford Group and the Roer Institute of Technology. Hamilton returned to Calvard where she sat on the advisory board for the Verne Company.

In S.1190, the Epstein Foundation announced the Orbal Network Project in an effort to develop a network in which vast quantities of information can be exchanged between computers using a series of orbal cables. While initially a joint effort between the Epstein Foundation and Liberl's Zeiss Central Factory, the IBC is currently bankrolling the project. As a result, the network is currently being tested in Crossbell City.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

After having only having been mentioned by name and reputation in the preceding arc, The Epstein Foundation makes a debut appearance in Crossbell during the testing of the Orbal Network Project. through members Tio Plato, who worked in a laboratory in Leman, Roberts and Jona Sacred. The Foundation maintains an office and facility in the IBC headquarters. Tio would return to the foundation and communciate online with the Special Support Section before returning later on.

Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV

The Epstein Foundation collaborate with Olivert Reise Arnor's Class VII project through lending orbal staves for testing. The Reinford Group, ZCF and Foundation collaborate on the ARCUS.

Years later, Rean Schwarzer and his new Class VII complete a request in Crossbell for the Foundation. In secret, the Foundation's top engineers contribute to the Courageous II's development.

Trails into Reverie

When the Verne company announces the development of a new combat orbment independent of the Foundation and removing them from the project, the Foundation are not pleased and legal action is mentioned to be taking place.

The Epstein Foundation is collaborating in Erika Russell's 'Tech Alliance' with Zeiss Central Factory and the Reinford Group.

Notable Developments