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The Erbe Royal Villa (エルベ離宮) is a private villa owned by the Monarchy of Liberl. It is located on the Erbe Scenic Route outside of the City of Grancel.




Trails in the Sky FC


The Erbe Royal Villa is primarily used by members of the royal family whenever they want to get away for some personal thinking time or if they want to relax, but it is also open to the public. The villa has a bar, a library, bedrooms, and a gallery of items owned by previous family members. One noted item in particular is the favorite throne chair of King Edgar III, Queen Alicia von Auslese's father.

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Erbe Royal Villa was used by Colonel Alan Richard and the Intelligence Division to hold Princess Klaudia von Auslese and their other hostages captive. Estelle, Joshua and Zin infiltrate the villa to rescue the hostages, while Kurt's team and Lt. Julia Schwarz and her Royal Guardsmen distracted the main force and held back reinforcements.

The three were able to reach the hostage room, but a Special Ops sergeant took Morgan's granddaughter as human shield to prevent them from leaving. Scherazard and Olivier's timely intervention took down the sergeant. Afterwards, the bracers and the Royal Guardsmen were able to secure the villa and in turn plan the rescue of Queen Alicia.

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  • Hostage Liberation: The villa is assaulted by the bracers in cooperation with Royal Guardsmen to liberate the hostages.

Trails in the Sky SC


After the Queen's Birthday celebrations, Duke Dunan is sent to the villa to reflect on his actions, with Phillip Runall still as his butler.

The Non-Aggression Pact, a three-way pact between Liberl, Erebonia and Calvard is scheduled to be signed at the villa, making it a prime target for Ouroboros to attack. Estelle is sent to the villa to collect a lost child, which turns out to be Renne, seemingly abandoned by her parents in suspicious circumstances.

The villa is one of the nine locations a threatening letter is sent to, and Estelle moves there to report to Maximillian Cid and help move the Duke to safety (which he refuses and accepts a regular guard retinue). The remnants of the Intelligence Division are spotted around the area, sending the villa into full alert and locking down the scenic route, but it turns out to be a diversion while former Captain Amalthea attacked the capital.

After the remnants are captured, the signing of the pact goes forward without further problems.


  • Lost Child: A child has been left alone at the villa.


Location Fish Bait
Fishing Spot - Erbe Royal Villa Canal (SC).webp
Erbe Royal Villa Canal
Carp Earthworm (77.8%), Dumplings (30.8%), River Snail (66.7%), Crab (100%)
Liberl Carp River Bug (100%), Dumplings (53.8%), Red Flies (100%)
Pearlglass Earthworm (22.2%), Dumplings (15.4%), River Snail (33.3%)


The structure of the royal villa is divided into various wings. These include:

Outer Courtyard

  • South Wing
    • Entrance Hall
  • East Wing
    • Dining Hall
    • Gallery Room
    • Guest Rooms
    • Library

Inner Courtyard

  • West Wing
    • Private Lounge
    • Guest Bedrooms
  • North Wing
    • Royal Chambers
    • Crest Room



  • Erbe is German and translates to "heritage".