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Volume 2

Considering the size and history of the Erebonian Empire, it should come as no surprise that it has a wealth of folklore, perhaps more than any other nation on the continent.

This is the second in a series of three books that will introduce a small number of the legends and traditions in Erebonia.

It is my wish that this series will stimulate new interest in the rich history and mythology of this great nation. 


Sacred creatures, pure white in color, with a single horn that is said to be capable of curing any illness. Legends state that only virgin maidens are able to touch one, and as such, it has been adopted as the symbol of St. Astraia Girls' Academy.


Granted the people of old the knowledge of steel. A staple of ancient legends, giving heroes the weapons they need to overcome the trials ahead of them.


Practitioners of witchcraft and black magic who are said to live among us. Various legends regarding their nature remain all over the continent, and both good and evil witches supposedly exist. 


Vampires are powerful fiends said to suck the blood of humans. There are many tales that exist regarding them, with some stating that they turn to ash in sunlight and others suggesting they have no reflections, but all concur that they have significant enough power to be known as 'the king of fiends.' 

-J. Arendt