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Volume 3

Considering the size and history of the Erebonian Empire, it should come as no surprise that it has a wealth of folklore, perhaps more than any other nation on the continent.

This is the last in a series of three books that will introduce a small number of the legends and traditions in Erebonia.

It is my wish that this series will stimulate new interest in the rich history and mythology of this great nation. 

[Dark Dragon]

An evil dragon said to have emerged from beneath the earth in Heimdallr during the early Dark Ages. It is said that the miasma it exhaled turned the capital into a city of the dead, resulting in Erebonia's center being temporarily moved to Saint-Arkh to the south. Though no hard evidence exists to verify these claims, according to the legends, it was eventually vanquished by the emperor and his knights.

[Great Knight]

A giant knight claimed to have appeared on the continent on numerous occasions since even before the Erebonian Empire was founded a thousand years ago. Existing descriptions of it are vague and differ between regions, suggesting that its existence is mere legend.

[Immortal King]

Terrifyingly powerful fiends which exists in many tales across the country. Said to wield a staff and have a skull for a head, they are rumored to steal the lives any who witness them. The origins of these particular creatures are unknown, and some provinces regard them as no different from the Grim Reaper.

[The Crimson Demon]

A fabled devil said to wield a thousand weapons. Accounts describe it as wreathed in flames, but only a small number of reports exist, all found in the areas surrounding Heimdallr.

-J. Arendt