The Erebonian nobility (帝国貴族) is a status group which until S.1205 enjoyed certain privileges relative to other people under the laws and customs in Erebonia.


In Erebonia, nobility and titles pertaining to it are recognised or bestowed upon individuals by its emperor.

This fount of honour originated between S.371 and S.527, when powerful families began ruling over territories known as provinces. Even after the rapid modernisation following the Orbal Revolution in S.1150, Erebonia held on to its aristocratic system whereas neighbouring nations, such as Liberl, had since abolished the system.

The emperor has the right to bestow titles upon commoners, those not born within a noble family. One such example is Giliath Osborne, whom was bestowed the title of count by Emperor Eugent Reise Arnor III upon assuming office as chancellor in S.1193.

Staggering aristocracy

Since Giliath Osborne took up the position of chancellor, he has pushed for the modernisation of Erebonia. His approach give birth to the Reformist Faction (as opposed to the Noble Faction), which earned him great popularity among the imperial commoners. Rivalry between these two factions both politically and among the populace increased tension and turmoil in Erebonia. This culminated into the October Campaign in October S.1204, where the Four Great Houses aimed to overthrow Giliath Osborne and his Reformist Faction in the form of a Noble Alliance.

Their victory was short-lived, however. After what looked like a successful assassination of Chancellor Giliath Osborne by the hands of the Imperial Liberation Front, a group of terrorists collaborating with Noble Alliance, Chancellor Osborne reveals he was very much alive and prepared the decisive victory of the Reformist Faction. Following the arrest of Duke Croire de Cayenne, supreme commander of the Noble Alliance, and Duke Helmut Albarea, Chancellor Osborne continued his modernisation through the annexation of Crossbell and North Ambria.

List of Noble Families by Rank

Rank Family Name
Duke Cayenne, Albarea
Marquis Rogner, Hyarms, Reagan, Ballad
Count Florald, Altheim, Gorti, Osborne, Le Guin, Egret, Rogner, Carlisle, Richmond, Sandlot (extinct)
Viscount Arseid, Vander, Gehrig
Baron Schwarzer, Lakelord, Dresden, Crainagh, Bardias, Capua (derogated), Poe, Caroline, Wodan, Oppel, Hancock, Henzel, Fafnir

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