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Erika Russell (エリカ・ラッセル) is an orbal engineer at Zeiss Central Factory.


Erika Russell was born in S.1170 as the daughter of the then-Zeiss Engineering Factory Chief Albert Russell. She ended up marrying Dan Russell and gave birth to their daughter, Tita, in S.1190.

Orbal projects

Like her father, Erika has had a profound interest in orbal technology since she was a child. Whereas her father is more theoretically oriented, she herself is mostly focused on the pragmatic side of orbal science. She submitted an outline for the Capel Project, but had to back down from its development after losing a bet with her father, who finished its development in S.1197.[1] Erika is also responsible for the fundamental system of the Arseille.

With her husband, Erika returned to Liberl after the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon in S.1203. She immediately set her plans for the Orbal Gear Project, inspired by the Pater-Mater, into motion. With help from her family, she finished the first prototype in two weeks.[2]

Erika strongly disapproved Tita's move to Heimdallr in Erebonia to enroll at Thors Branch Campus in S.1206.

She loves her daughter dearly and will brag about her if given the chance. She also views Agate Crosner with suspicion because she feels that he had "corrupted" Tita.


Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Hajimari no Kiseki


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