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Song Priestess Erislet (歌巫女エリスレット) is the manager of the Continent of the Abyss, Lizweld in The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails.



Erislet has the appearance of a young woman with pale icy blue skin with matching long and thick flowing hair, trailing to the ground.Two thin, downward angled antler-like protrusions extend from her head. Erislet is very lightly clad, wearing nothing but thigh high patterned boots with a fur trim, black underwear with a diaphanous frill tail, and a thick fur-lined cloak tied together with ribbon. She wears a gear around her wrist like a bracelet. Snowflakes appear around her , trailing down from her hair and cloak.


Called the ‘Song Priestess’ due to her beautiful singing voice, she has a very domineering, extraverted personality.


The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

Song priestess Erislet was created to act as the manager for the Continent of the Abyss, Lizweld in Lost Heaven, representing the element of water. The second of the four continents to be reached, Nayuta Herschel's objective on the continent is to free Erislet from the crystal in which she was sealed in order to retrieve the master gear for this region. He faces down the mechanical guardian to do this.

Later, Nayuta must confront Erislet in her true form as he seeks to stop the ambitions of the Mythus.