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Eryn (隠れ里エリン) is a hidden village in the Sutherland Province, Erebonia. It is the home of the Hexen Clan.


Eryn is situated in the Isthmia Great Forest near Saint-Arkh. The village is ran by Roselia. Her pupil Vita Clotilde and granddaughter Emma Millstein were born in Eryn.

Witches that simply moved out of Eryn are referred to as 'deserting witches' (在野の魔女). Witches that travel around to ascertain the state of the world are referred to as 'wandering witches' (巡回魔女).


  • Rose's Atelier[JP 1] is the home of Roselia. Vita Clotilde and Emma Millstein grew up here.
  • Inn - "Lux Lunae"[JP 2] is the local inn, ran by Liese and her husband Thomson.[JP 3] They have two children, Witch Nina[JP 4] and their son, Albireo.[JP 5]
  • Fortuneteller - Home[JP 6] is the home of Witch Dallier,[JP 7] who previously mentored Vita Clotilde. Her current apprentice is Sigyn.[JP 8]
  • Herbalist - Home[JP 9] is the home of Witch Aura,[JP 10] who concocts unique medicines. She lives together with her husband Eucles,[JP 11] 4-year-old daughter Noa[JP 12] and her familiar, Loki.[JP 13]
  • Alkymancery - "Gandolf"[JP 14] is an orbal workshop ran by Gandolf,[JP 15] who sells gear as well as offers service to improve orbments.
  • Trader - "Limerick"[JP 16] is ran by Old Man Aaroy,[JP 17] who sells gear, medicine, ingredients and fishing gear.



  • Despite being localized as "Eryn" in Trails of Cold Steel IV, the CD Echoes of Erebonia refers to it as Elin with the song listing "Hidden Village Elin".


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