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Esmeray Archette (エスメレー・アーチェット) is an associate professor introduced in Kuro no Kiseki.



Esmeray is a woman with long wavy lime green hair and orange eyes with red spectacles. She wears an orange pinstriped top over a brown knee-length skirt, and also wears a white lab coat and black corded lanyard. She wears gray-blue platform shoes.


Esmeray can be a little lightheaded, but she is hoped to be one day be one of the leading researchers in the field.


Esmeray is an associate professor at Basel College of Science's biotechnology lab. She is one of Latoya Hamilton's apprentices and adores her junior, Quatre Salision. She was in charge of the main design of the new combat orbment Xipha. She also has connections with various research organisations, such as Seiland Company in Remiferia, the Epstein Foundation in Leman and Zeiss Central Factory in Liberl.[1]




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