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“Fight not for the future of this nation, but for your own individual futures”
— Eugent Reise Arnor, Trails of Cold Steel II

Eugent Reise Arnor III (ユーゲント・ライゼ・アルノール3世) is the current Emperor of Erebonia.



Eugent is a middle aged man with blonde hair swept to the side, a thin moustache, and violet eyes. He is usually seen wearing a ceremonial militaristic outfit consisting of a red and black doubled breasted blazer with golden epaulettes, cream trousers, black riding boots, a navy sash and a fur-edged cape.


Eugent is a patient and understanding man, who carries with him all the grace one would expect of an emperor. He is extremely compassionate and concerned for his family's happiness, and dutiful thinks about the best coarse for the future of his nation, even when knowing the darkness that troubles it.


Eugent attended Thors Military Academy when he was young. Later in life, he started a relationship with a commoner and fellow student, Ariel Lenheim. In S.1177, they gave birth to an illegitimate child, Olivert Reise Arnor. Eugent desired to make Ariel the Empress, but this was met with backlash by the nobility due to her commoner heritage. In an effort to gain favor with the Four Great Houses, a noble family sent Jaegers to assassinate Eugent's family; Ariel did not survive the raid, but thanks to the aid of Mueller Vander (Olivert's bodyguard), Olivert managed to survive.

At some point, he married the noblewoman Priscilla Reise Arnor, who became Olivert's adopted mother and was able to become the Empress. In S.1189, he became father of the twins Alfin Reise Arnor and Cedric Reise Arnor. Despite being the oldest, Olivert was not eligible for being the heir to the throne due to his commoner heritage, and thus Cedric became the heir to the throne. Olivert was not resentful at this, and cherished his family.

In S.1192, in the aftermath of the Hamel Tragedy, Arnor made Giliath Osborne Erebonia' chancellor. Eugent tolerated Osborne's controversial activities because he was working with him to ensure the completion of the prophecy.

Not long before the events of Trails of Cold Steel, he lent Olivert a large sum of mira so he could finish the Courageous.

Trails of Cold Steel

On August 31, he lets his son Olivert and the Chancellor Osborne represent the Erebonian Empire at the West Zemuria Trade Conference instead of going there himself.

He makes his first appearance on September 25, when he watches the Courageous's maiden voyage alongside Priscilla.

Later, after Class VII returns from Roer he invites them for an audience.

At the end of the first game it is not clear what happened to him after the occupation of Heimdallr.

Trails of Cold Steel II

From the beginning of this game, Eugent III as well as his wife and Cedric are in the hands of the Noble Alliance. At some unknown point, they were brought to the Karel Imperial Villa and got "imprisoned" there, together with Carl Regnitz and Elise Schwarzer.

Some time later, Cedric was taken away by Duke Cayenne. They were kept safe until the arrival of Class VII. When Class VII arrives, Eugent's wife reveals that they have already heard that Alfin is under their care. After Class VII defeats Altina Orion, Eugent III expresses his gratitude towards them, and states how proud and happy he is that Thors raises such exceptional students. The class then makes Altina tell them where Cedric is held, and learn he will forced into participating in a ritual.

Shortly after that, a song is heard, and Emma explains that it is the Hexen Clan's most forbidden incantation - the one that summons the Vermilion Despair. Eugent seems to know something about it and assumes that Duke Cayenne wants to recreate what happened 250 years ago.

Shortly after saying so, the Infernal Castle raises. Claire Rieveldt as well as Towa Herschel and Angelica Rogner arrive to escort Eugent, his wife and Carl Regnitz out of town, where it would be safer. While Priscilla doesn't like the thought, Eugent agrees with Claire and tells his wife to do as she says, because it would inconvenience the others if they stayed. When Carl Regnitz asks Claire to get an escort to the capital in order to start negotiations, Eugent III states he will leave the imperial capital in his hands. When Class VII promises to bring Cedric back alive, Eugent makes them promise, that they shall not fight for the future of the nation, but for the sake of their own individual futures - and that after everything is over, they shall return unharmed to the ones they love.

Claire manages to evacuate Eugent, his wife and Alfin to the outskirts of the city where they watch the final battle alongside Vandyck, Beatrix, Micht and some other people from Trista. The game doesn't address the reunion of the entire imperial family after Cedric is saved - but it seems that Eugent truly trusted Class VII. As even though Eugent III seems to be composed and calm, he may have been putting on a brave face in lieu of the outcome.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Towards the end of the game, Eugent meets with Rean to discuss the Black Records and the Erebonian Curse that he and Osborne are working together to try to stop. Soon afterwards, he, while with Osborne, is confronted by Ash Carbide, the third survivor of the Hamel Tragedy. Understanding that Ash is the "sacrifice" referred to in the prophecy and that Eugent must be the "old blood", and that Ash was being controlled by the curse, Eugent provoked Ash into shooting him by claiming responsibility for the attack. This fulfilled the prophecy and led to the appearance of the Gral of Erebos. Osborne framed Ash as being a Calvardian spy and used this attack as a pretext to begin preparing for (and later initiating) the World War.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Although in critical condition at first, Eugent managed to survive his injuries. He was treated as St. Ursula Medical College in Crossbell and personally told Ash he forgave him. Following the resolution of the war, it was announced by the media that he would return to the throne and that Calvard had played no part in the assassination attempt against him. He made Carl Regnitz the Chancellor of Erebonia, however Cedric had since gone missing and was rumored to have joined Ouroboros.

Trails into Reverie

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Eugent makes a comment about having a martial arts tournament just like the ones held in Liberl and the Grand Arena, which comes to fruition. He attends the tournament to watch the fights unfold.

On another occasion, Eugent invites Rean to see him on the matter of discussing Osborne's remaining memoirs and gives them to him. Eugent proposes that they both visit Osborne and Arianrhod's graves together at some point.

It is Eugent who gives Matteus Vander the secret mission of finding the lost Courageous II.

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Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Trails of Cold Steel III

Trails of Cold Steel IV


  • It is not clear if he had Olivert before or after starting a relationship with Priscilla.
  • It was rumored among fans that the last name of Eugents first love could have been "Lenheim", as "Lenheim" was the surname of Olivert's alter ego (Olivier Lenheim). This was confirmed when his first love's name was confirmed in Sen III to be "Ariel Lenheim".
  • Reise means "journey" in German.
  • Like everyone in the Imperial Family, Eugent III was a student at Thors, so it can be assumed that he is able to wield a weapon.