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F. Novartis (F・ノバルティス) is the sixth Anguis of Ouroboros and leader of the Thirteen Factories network.


Doctor Novartis is in charge of the unification of the Thirteen Factories, which are each specialised in a particular expertise. He is also responsible for the development of humanoid weapons and network systems. Other technologies that Novartis was involved in was voice identification technology, which was implemented on the Glorious.

He is regarded as an avaricious scientist, living to satisfy his own intellectual curiosity regardless of cost.

In S. 1196, Novartis was the one who dispatched Sharon Kreuger on a mission to infiltrate the Reinford Group and make contact with Franz Reinford. The mission ended in failure with Reinford deceased, and ultimately resulted in Kreuger joining the group and entering a hiatus from the society.

Following the conclusion of the Gospel Plan, Novartis was the only Anguis who thought little of Leonhardt's death, being more concerned with Renne and Pater-Mater. The other Anguis then reminded him about Weissmann's obsession with Joshua that resulted in his downfall, causing him to quickly drop the subject, although he insisted he would continue to monitor the two.

Strained mentorship

One of the developers of humanoid weapons is Joerg Rosenberg of the Doll Studio in Crossbell. Novartis considers him peerless when it comes to fine-tuning and making the final adjustments to dolls, whether they are consumer collectables or humanoid weapons. He had Joerg do the final check on the Aion.

Despite Novartis' trust in Joerg for his excellent work, Joerg dislikes Novartis' work ethics, who had seized the Pater-Mater to have it sync with Renne. Despite the dangers, he still continued regardless, which Joerg thought as inhumane.

Phantasmal Blaze Plan

Doctor Novartis, alongside Campanella, Arianrhod, Mariabell Crois and Shirley Orlando, reporting back to the Grandmaster after their work on the Phantasmal Blaze Plan.

For the Phantasmal Blaze Plan, Doctor Novartis collaborated with Arianrhod, Campanella and the Crois family to bring their plans in Crossbell to fruition. He provided them with humanoid weapons - Aion Type-α, Type-β and Type-γ - and, as agreed on with Mariabell Crois, he recovered the Type-α after completing his duties.

When he caught a glimpse of the awakened KeA, Doctor Novartis expressed a profound interest in the newborn potential that exceeded the original Sept-Terrion of Mirage's powers and started to collect data on her.

When the Azure Tree appeared he became deeply interested in researching the phenomenon, but much to his disappointment, he had to leave since the focus of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan would shift to Erebonia next.

Hajimari no Kiseki

Novartis continued to operate the Thirteen Factories, learning of the singularity Elysium, which had created various Simulacrums of notable Zemurians, such as Rufus Albarea, Arios MacLaine and the Emperor. Using what he learned from Elysium, McBurn was able to create a simulacrum of McBurn with the assistance of Erika Russell and Professor Seiland to recreate the Divergent Laws.

Alongside the McBurn simulacrum, Novartis assisted the Rufus simulacrum in taking over Crossbell City by providing it with new Zauber Soldats and archaisms; he had only done so because he saw it as beneficial to his research. He oversaw the Reinford Military Arsenal and took control of Joerg's Doll Studio, using the former to create equipment and renovating the latter's underground system completely.


Ao no Kiseki

Hajimari no Kiseki


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