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Factoria (クレイドル) is one of the districts that compose the Liber Ark. It's composed of workshops and industries.

Trails in the Sky SC


Factoria is Liber Ark's beating industrial heart, located on the eastern side of the Ark. All daily necessities, from food to clothes to medicines to even homes, are produced in Factoria's round-the-clock workshops. The district is made up of 64 blocks, with blocks one through eight designed as the Ark's primary trade port.

―Factoria Station No. 7

Estelle and Joshua arrive with their group to the Residential Block after heading through the tunnels from Cradle Residential Block. They find the Glorious docked on the eastern edge of the Liber Ark and decide to raid it with Josette to free the rest of the Capua Family. Afterwards, the security increase around the Glorious makes it impossible to reenter it.

Afterwards, the terminal at Factoria Station No. 7 asks them for a password in addition to the Gospel, which Joshua attributes to Ouroboros tampering with the controls. After speaking with the sky bandits, they're able to obtain the password: "Orpheus", and open the gate to the tunnels.


Map 1

Map 2

Map 3


Treasure Chests

Key Contents Chest Quote
1 Orbal Cannon (Sora Weapon).png Omega Craft At the bottom of the chest you find only crumbs.
Briefly wondering how long a chest like this
would keep food fresh for, you walk away.
2 Mirage (Sora Quartz).png Mirage Gem Despite your repeated searches, this chest
does not contain any invisible items. In fact,
it doesn't contain anything, visible or otherwise.
3 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png Earth, Water, Fire, Wind sepith ×100 Oh, no, not again...



Factoria Station #7 Online Shop

Online Shop
Quartz Synthesis
Time (Sora Quartz).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Onyx Gem SPD+50%/MOV-2 (Time (Sora Quartz).png Action 5) Time (Sora Sepith).png×1000
Space (Sora Quartz).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Gold Gem Arts' EP cost-50%. (Space (Sora Quartz).png EP Cut 5) Space (Sora Sepith).png×1000 Time (Sora Sepith).pngMirage (Sora Sepith).png×600
Mirage (Sora Quartz).png Slot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).pngSlot Upgrade (Sora Percent).png Silver Gem Max EP+15% (Mirage (Sora Quartz).png EP 5) Mirage (Sora Sepith).png×1000 Time (Sora Sepith).pngSpace (Sora Sepith).png×400